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    • By LordOfDonkeys
      I've had this problem recently where I cannot load a world which I have put a lot of time into. I turned my computer off whilst I was playing the world and now it will not load. Every time I load it up it begins to load but just closes the Tekkit window with no crash report. I can play other worlds just not this one. I run it on the latest recommended Tekkit build on 1.6.4 Minecraft with Sphax 128x for Tekkit.
      I've tried:
         - Allocating more RAM (4gb - 7gb).
         - Removing blocks in MCedit.
         - Re-installing Tekkit twice.
         - Playing around with files in the world save folder (with backup copies saved of course).
      Please help, it is really frustrating to see all my time go to waste and I really don't want to start again.