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Pictures in forum posts


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First I'd like to say that new forum layout looks pretty good, it matches the technic-platform style very nicely.
Anyway back on topic: pictures and images in forum posts.
This seems to be currently capped at 10 which In my eyes is not nearly enough.

As a owner of a server, I try to make >my forum posts pretty with pictures of the server and other things and ten is just not enough.


I hope the limit can be raised/removed to allow people to make awesome forum posts without having to think about only able to have ten pictures.

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I bumped up the max. You should be fine now.


Just use an image host like imgur. They give you [img ] tagged images and you can paste those links into your post. You get to have more pictures, and we don't have to host them for you. Win win!


yeah the limit is applied to all img tags regardless of where they are hosted. Heh.

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