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I haven't found any help with this so far, so here goes.


System running:


Windows 7 Home Premium

Java 64-bit

16 gb ram (6 allocated to B-team)

AMD FX-4100 CPU (Quad Core)

Radeon 5500 graphics card


Problem: Every 2-5 seconds I suffer a lag spike and a drop to anywhere between 1-13 FPS


I have done the following:

Allocated more than enough ram without changes

Run on the lowest possible graphics, far runs the same as tiny.

Reset the pack



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Btw what is your fps? and are you doing anything in the background like rendering something or possibly have a lot of internet pages open especially youtube pages.


I get 200+ in normal MC, and around 100 with most modpacks (I play upwards of 200 mods sometimes)


Nothing else running

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I'm having similar issues too but my computer is not as good as yours so I just assumed that was the reason for my issues. I get decent framerate (anywhere from 60-100) but every now and then there is like you said lag spikes.


What is strange is that I did not have this problem when I was playing 1.5.2 version of the Tekkit pack but I did when I updated the pack to 1.6.4. So makes me think 1.6.4 version of minecraft causes some of these issues for some people.


What seems to calm down these lag spikes is defragging my hard drive. Normal Windows defrag doesn't really help but I use a program called MyDefrag and it seems to work better. Again doesn't get rid of the lag spikes for me, but does reduce them a little bit.

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      First of all, lags. Lots of them. I thought it might be because of Recurrent Komplex (because a lot of times the log said that the mod causes cascading worldgen lag).
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