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Attack on the B Team Server 20 Slots WhiteList All Ages

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IGN: janefender


SKYPE: janefender


AGE: 13


WHY YOU WANT TO JOIN THE SERVER: lets just admit, that single player just gets boring after a while, i want to join a server where you dont have to worry about greifing and has a friendly environment "cough"witchery"cough"oh and occasionally I can record.


thank you

Regards Janefender

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IGN: AsassinCrafter (I Know I Spelt It Wrong :3)


Skype: Hardcoreminer


Age: 13


Why I Want To Join The Server: I Really Want A Permanent Server Too Play On With A Friendly Community That Isn't Massive So This Is Perfect For Me! Im Pretty Good At The Game Not That It Matters But Yeah I Hope You Let Me Join. :P


Kind Regards,


Matty Clark.


PS. If You Want Me To Not Use Caps I Understand Fully, Just A Habit! :3

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IGN: usmcman12



Skype: usmcman12



Age: 17



Why I want to play on this server: Because I have played on other servers where its just on big community with 100 players. I think that playing with a select few will be more enjoyable for myself and other players, and I want to experience the modpack to the fullest with people I know will allow me!


Very Respectfully,


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IGN; Gilbtits69


Skype: Matt_gilbert12


AGE: 16


 Why do you want to join this server? I excel at vanilla minecraft but I am looking for more of a challenge. I watch Bdouble0 and Generikb play this and id love to play too. Im good with redstone, redpower and building. I like to work with other players on projects and help everyone have a great time.


Thanks, Matthew

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IGN: Loaf_Of_Pug

SKYPE: Classiest Of Pugs

AGE 14

Why you want to join the server: I want to try out all the things Attack of the B Team has to offer and interact with people on the server. Pretty new to most of the mods and I wanted to try something other than a tech pack.

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Why you want to join the server:I would like to join this server because I love this modpack for what ive played with the last couple of days but cant seem to find a decent server where i'm not being constantly killed and can just build and play around with the mod pack and have fun. :P

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IGN: Soccer_Bro_

Skype: Nicholasproffitt (my skype is the one with the picture of the Washington nationals)

Age: 14

Why you want to join the server: To be honest playing on public servers isn't all that fun people never follows the rules or anything. But playing on a whitelisted server is very very different it allows for people to play without the worry of being greifed or killed that's why I want to join.

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IGN: beastwar52400

SKYPE: beastwar52400

AGE: 13 almost 14

Why you want to join the server:

Because i want to play on a good fun server and yours fits the description i have been looking forever for one and never have found one until now and i decide to play a modpack instead of vanila minecraft. Hope I make it cool sever.

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IGN: Kumimasen


Skype: I honestly wish I Remembered how to get my shype name, My steam name is Kumimasen and I can provide a Teamspeak server.


Age: 14


Why do you want to join this server: I feel as if I have a lack of interaction and the ability to help people, seeing as I play SSP all of the time. Now I know what you are thinking, "this kid is so young and immature, I'm sure he will just grief and steal from everyone," that, though, is not the case, I can be trusted and if you let me on your server for say an hour, I can prove that statement, and again I know what you're thinking, "I bet he's going that entire hour finding houses and tearing them down," and, again, I want to state that I have no intention of doing so, you can even watch for said hour and ban me on the spot if I am caught griefing. and if I may ask of one small favor, If you do accept me (I actually quite doubt that you trust me enough) never in the name of god, man, and Satan  himself, never op me, I try t play as legit as possible at all times, but if given the ability I will succumb to spawning stuff in, and then I feel guilty because of it. but besides that, I hope to get to know you and the members of your server. Farewell, Kumimasen.  

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