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[2.0.4]Nano Craft[PvP/Raid/Greif/Factions/More][100 slots]Need players and staff

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NanoCraft Voltz Server
Mods banned:
  • No mods are banned!
Items banned: 
  • Redmatter explosives/missiles
  • Item router
  • Obsidian_TNT
  • Matter Cannon
  • Elite Factory

Website: http://nano-cft.org

Server ip : voltz.nano-cft.org or mc.nano-cft.org:25673

Server Features:
  • Economy
  • Factions
  • Essentials
  • Chest Shops (Admin Shops & Player Shops available)
  • Economy rewards for mining & killing mobs!
  • Transfer enchantments from items to books and vice-versa.
  • Tons of Donator perks including reserved slots &  item/xp stuff!
Server Specs / Server Size:
dual Intel Xeon E5-2687w processors,
Processors have a 3.8Ghz  turbo frequency,
and a 8GT/s QPI speed,
6gb ram with SSDs, 
1Gbps connections.
World Limits: No world limits, this limit may be increased in the future.
Slot limit: 100 player slots | +10 reserved slots for Donators (110) total slots.
- Do not annoy admins for items / OP / GM. We are not here to give you things we are here to moderate the server.
- Do not ask staff to enchant items for you.
- Do not use profanity (swearing ) in chat
- Do not Bully other players in chat. Bullying will not be tolerated.
- Do not use all CAPS in chat. It is perceived as shouting. 
- Listen to admins. Disrespectful talk towards an admin / member of staff will not be met kindly.
- No griefing spawn.
- No Hacks
- Do not spam TP requests to players / staff. (it's annoying )
- No spamming in chat
- No advertising in chat
- Please don't shout hacks in chat when you get raided / killed. If you have a problem with a player please come on team speak and report it to a member of staff.
- Players have access to invisibility potions. if you are being griefed by something you can’t see it’s not an admin
- Admins never raid players so if you get raided it was by a player and not a member of staff.
- Impersonation of ANY staff member will result in a permanent ban.
- Duping of any kind.


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Dude! There is version 3.0.0!

OK I did read up on it. But its not recommended build yet and the world will completely destroy its self if I update. When its recommended I will update

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