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It says im not whitelisted? do i just have to wait or...

I added you again, try now.


IGN: Sanifu

Age: 31


Whould be cool if you could add me.

MC Name: Caviar_Gold

Age: 18

I really hope I get accepted   :D

Mc Name: Prymark

Age: 16

Added you 3, enjoy!

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  • MC Name: Te0PrO
  • Age: 15


MC Name: Pinderrr

Age: 21

MC Name: minerofgoods53

Age: 13



  • MC or IGN: supergirljessa
  • Age: 18

       Hope to be a good player in your server.

MC Name: Pride617

Age: 17

MC Name: Rebeckj

Age: 15

My mc name is wolfboss98

and im 15 years old


Hey guys sorry for the late reply.

Everyone listed above has been added to the whitelist, enjoy!

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My IGN is the same thing as it is here, Kagona.

And my age is 18.

Guessing you'll send me the IP over message, because I didn't see it.

PS- This is also a signup request for my good friend, Wolfie1235. His age is 18 as well.

Edited by Kagona
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MC name (IGN): Fiddich

Age: 26



My IGN is the same thing as it is here, Kagona.

And my age is 18.

Guessing you'll send me the IP over message, because I didn't see it.

PS- This is also a signup request for my good friend, Wolfie1235. His age is 18 as well.

The IP is in big bold red lettering on the original post...



IGN: Dregga

Might I snag a whitelist add? :)

Age: 30 (Where the heck did my 20s go?!)

Hello interesting server owners


* MC Name: Nanke

* Age: 22


As i can see your server looks quite promising and i hope i can join  :spooky:

Mc Name: Quarzuhr

Age: 15

I hope i can join soon :)

Mc name: Virgo001


age: 23

lockig for a fun pvp sever :D

Added all of you.

Again sorry for the late reply, ive been busy myself setting up another dedicated server for our FTB, Pixelmon, and Tekkify servers.


My BT staff seem to not be looking at these forums lately...

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Hey everyone id like to welcome you to our brand new B-Team server!

APOC has been hosting minecraft servers since 2011 and is a very large community of players.

We have thousands of players playing on our 8 minecraft servers, come join us!


Our servers are ran on a dedicated custom built server which is online 24/7/365.

If you would like to join our ranks please apply for staff on our forums, we accept anyone who is active and mature.


Server Information:

  • Access: White Listed, this may change in the future.
  • Server Host Type: Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Overworld Size: 300,000 blocks N/S/E/W (1,200,000 blocks from spawn center in total in all directions)
  • Modded World Size: No limit.
  • Banned Mods: Furniture Mod <- Temporary until crashing issue is fixed in a later update!
  • Banned Items: None!
  • Features disabled: Tornados.
  • Server Difficulty: Level 3 (Hard)
  • Server Gamemode: Survival
  • Donations/Kits/Features/Perks: Yes, many.
  • Events: Monthly raffles & giveaways, weekend double rewards for voting.
  • Mini-Games Being worked on: Yes, these are planned to be built on the server soon. (PVP / MOB / CTF / Spleef / Hunger Games / Survival Games / Trouble in Mineville / Prophunt / Skygrid / Skyblock)
  • Mini-Games Installed: Skyblock, PVP Arena
  • RPG Elements: A ton already from spawned treasure boxes when exploring to customized skills/classes/races/items. Working on NPC's and Quests soon!
  • Plugins: (50 of them) Essentials, MCMMO, Factions, LWC, Grief Prevention, MobCash & Payd2Mine, ChestShops, DiabloDrops, Identify, And more!
  • Do you like treasure? Customized treasure is spawned in the world in chests as you explore! These spawn in the overworld and nether.
  • Server IP: bt.apocgaming.org OR mc.apocgaming.org:7850

Server Rules:

  • Do not harass, mistreat, threaten, make racial remarks or slurs, insult religion, etc to any player or staff.
  • Do not hack, exploit, xray, duplicate, etc in any way.
  • Do not advertise! If you want to share a server to a friend share it via skype or some other form of external communication.
  • Do not impersonate staff or any community staff member such as Planet Minecraft, Enjin, Technic, etc.
  • Do not raid/grief unless your factions are at war and the land is claimed by the warring factions.
  • Be friendly to all players, we want everyone to enjoy their time and have fun.
  • Thats it! Follow these rules and there shouldnt ever be a problem.

Get a free starter kit:

  • Login to our server.
  • Go to our enjin website here: http://apocclangaming.enjin.com
  • Join the website
  • Click on Server Shop
  • Select the server you are playing on
  • Scroll down to the bottom where it says FREE STARTER KITS and claim your kit.
  • The free starter kit comes with: 32 Spruce/Birch/Oak/Jungle logs, 1 Bed, Full Chainmail, All iron tools & weapons, Bow, 64 Arrows.

How to join the server:


Simply make a post below with the template below and we will add you to the whitelist.


  • MC Name: Your minecraft name
  • Age: Your age, please be truthful.

We have a teamspeak server for the public to use, it uses virutally no internet bandwidth unlike skype and helps stop internet lag when gaming.

Connect to our teamspeak server at ts.apocgaming.org


Thats it! Afterwards if you are accepted you can join our B-Team server at bt.apocgaming.org OR mc.apocgaming.org:7850


Dont forget to checkout our other servers, websites, forums, etc below!



Also when applying to join & playing on our server please remember it is BRAND NEW!

Please be patient as our spawn is built and any plugin issues are fixed.

If you find a problem however please report it to us immediately, we fix server & plugin problems on a daily basis.


MC Name: Aeros225

Age: 15

Please can you let me join because it sounds like a really fun server!!

Sorry I made too :( Hope it's ok.

Edited by Aeros225
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