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My IGN is Helios_the_first

Age: 13 (mature; I don't swear, I don't rage, I don't grief)

I would like to play on this server to be in a friendly community, as I find singleplayer rather boring,



My Name: Dawson9999


Age: 13


plz add me   :) thx



MC name: RedFall7011

Age: 16 



MC name : morlockkkkk

Age : 16 



MC Name: darkrockman123

Age: 13



MC Name: river58

Age: 12




AGE 18



Age:14 Name: tod24242 



Ingame: Venomari2


Age: 14



i think your server looks really good and i would like to join it, two of my friends play it JOEL150, gomba2211


Age: 17

i hope i get accepted :)

So sorry about the delay guys, my admins said they were checking on the applications... Guess not...

Anyways EVERYONE mentioned above including friends who were posted in the above posts have been added to the whitelist.


Again I apologize for the delay guys!

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IGN: carlybrugs

Age: 15

Hope its not too late to join! 



Ign: PandaVision

Age: 16

I put in a request before but for some reason my name isnt on the whitelist yet.




  1. MC Name: Creepy_Creeper04
  2. Age: 14


I hope i get added this sounds like the best server ever!


You 3 have been added as well (can only do 10 quotes lol)

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