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Single Player World Crash

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Okay so i spent hours building on a world then all of the sudden my entire technic crashes and closes. Everytime i launch the one world my entire launcher closes. There is no machinery or anything. I stuck to vanilla so far and it only happens on that world

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Please post in here as it's a technical issue rather than gameplay related so the right people will see it;


We'll need your logfile from the crash, to get that click the cog in the top right of the launcher (settings) and you'll see a button called logs, click that and it'll open a folder where you can get the latest log for us.

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      I have just recently upgraded to windows 10 from Windows 8 and I have had to reinstall technic. Technic opens and runs fine and I installed Attack Of The B Team and have it 4GB of ram to run with and it started up fine. The problem is when the laucher opens minecraft it instantly says not responding and stays there until you force it to close with task manager and because I have to do this there is no crash report in the technic folder. I have tried reinstalling both the launcher and B Team but nothing seems to be working. I have the correct java installed as well as I tried reinstalling that as well. I have tried instaling other modpacks and the same thing happens but in different forms I.e crashes when loading mods. I have tried just about everything I can think of so any help would be appreciated