[1.2.9h] Tekkit by CraftersLand [PvP | Clans | Economy | Dynmap | Towns | 80 Slots] Be inventive! - Fresh Start

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This is hands down one of the best servers I've played on, there tends to be a lot more griefing in online play in Minecraft so the mytown mod included in the server is beyond useful by making it impossible to grief other player's land, not to mention the awesome community willing to help you with whatever you may need plus theres an awesome market system set up hands down 10/10 would play again - alee1620 

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The server itself as a joy to be on.

Tekkit as an original is a bit outdated compared to the newer version but overall it's fun and a blast to, well, blast off! The staff are present and easy to communicate with, the playerbase is not toxic in the slightest and they have a functional economy to immerse yourself within. A good example of how great the staff are is that there was a player harassing me and griefing my base from the outside of my claim. I made the report and the entire issue was settled within a day. The server has technical issues in which sometimes chunk loading doesn't work, which is just a memory issue, and occasionally a quarry will reset its parameter. That can be fixed by a simple upgrade but it's hardly an issue. 

All in all it's been a good experience and I look forward to the many days to spend on it and other associated servers in the network!

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REview: one of the best servers ive played on. Friendly people and very active with lots of staff. I dont like how often floor items are cleared because ive lost a few inventory from some glitches and are unable to get the items back but they provide a refund service. overall a great serve

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Review september 27th, 2018

The server is a great relief. You can expand your ideas and creativity with other people who can help you. Maybe even one of the best. You can do small things such as regular survival, but also create a moon party with friends.

I rate this server a 9 / 10, as it is one of the best modded servers ever.

- JustMonikaDDLC

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