Food Plus - Bucket of Caramel?

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Where do I find/make buckets of caramel? I tried smelting sugar and salt, the sugar gave me Sugar Charcoal and the salt didnt work in the furnace at all. I have tried clicking on the bucket of caramel to see the recipe but there is no recipe.


This is on latest ATB with the Food Plus mod.

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I've tried this too, it really does just look like it's been replaced with sugar charcoal from MFR (it should just be sugar in a regular furnace in the standard mod).


I'm hoping there's a way I just didn't find out, but I tried everything from food+ that I could think of, tried cooking sugarcane in the furnace (instead of sugar), tried the nether furnace and even the magma crucible :)

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I wonder if the modpack devs would consider adding 'minetweaker'?

Then they could add a new recipe for the caramel.


I've added it to my pack, so putting sugar cane in a furnace will make caramel.

Tested and working on both my client and server running mcpc.

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