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So after progressing a bit in my single player world and hunting down the ancient staff materials  and Summoned the promised land with said staff and  going through the portal to the land and  the over 600 pixies spawned at a time  an unmanageable ammount  i tired turning it to peaceful to see if they would despawn and that didn't work i tired leaving and coming back that didn't work  i tired  quiting and reloading the game entirely and that didnt work  so im kinda stuck and i don't know what to do about  all these things i tired checking through the biomes o' plenty configs and theres nothing  i can do about turning the spawn rate down or anything so im kinda stuck at a stand still any help would be nice

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Go into config/biomesoplenty, open ids.cfg go to the mod id's section and change Pixie ID to 0, that should stop it spawning (this will effectively stop people from being able to make ambrosia, but it's better than super-lag).  Like this;

# mob ids

"mob ids" {
    I:"Bird ID"=104
    I:"Glob ID"=105
    I:"Jungle Spider ID"=106
    I:"Phantom ID"=107
    I:"Pixie ID"=0
    I:"Rosester ID"=109
    I:"Wasp ID"=110
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