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[1.6.4] Industrial War 2 [Factions \ Prison \ Custom Modded War ] [Industrial War 2]

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IP Address:     Industrialwar2.hosthorde.net


PLEASE visit the website for all of your information about the server and the modpack!



Modpack Link: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/industrial-war-2.293556


Website: www.industrialwar2.webs.com




o No whitelist!

o Easy to install technic pack!

o Mature players only! (seriously, if you act like a 10 year old you will be banned)

o 20 slot, PVP enabled, custom modded server with many mods made just for us. ------For Current Beta----------

o Objective based war system --- Declaring War ----------
o Post-scarcity economy focused on UU production through massively buffed generators, reactors and huge mining zones!

o PVP arena with free armor/weapons/ammo/drugs. Test your skills vs. other players! *Coming Soon*

o Fight mobs at the quantum dam for great loot and take their skulls as trophies!

o Custom mod collection featuring IC2/Flans/Guns, planes, vehicles, gregtech and others.

o Ranks and promotions from donating in beta only!

o Bukkit for WorldGuard, Essentials, block-logging, Groupmanager

o 97%uptime

o Industrial War is a sci-fi PVP server. Griefing/stealing/killing is not restricted but members of the same nation may not grief/steal from/kill/betray each other. Players are recruited by two opposing nations who must fight for the control of crucial points around the world. Each nation has its own capitol, a 500x500 zone protected by suppression fields designed to keep their enemies at bay. The nations are able to give up money to the invasion bank, by posting on the forums. by doing so, you accumulate power for your side. The power generated this way can be used to bring down their enemies capitol's suppression fields, rendering them susceptible to assault.

o Players are encouraged to join a team and contribute to the war effort to the best of their ability. Whether you are a warrior, miner, builder, engineer or farmer is up to you; but no matter what you do it will have meaning. Build huge ammo factories, fields of food, armories with the best weapons and armor or hidden bunkers to launch missiles at your enemies. A promotion system ensures that skilled, mature and trustworthy players gradually play a bigger role in their teams affairs. Remain at the lowest ranks for maximum freedom and minimum responsibility. Work hard and exhibit outstanding qualities and you will be granted access to your nations capitol; the epicenter of economic activity and a safe haven for builders. A 6000x6000 map with tons of hidden vaults, drug fields and other interesting locations ensure that exploration and colonization of new lands is rewarded. Free arenas, armies of tough mobs and a server store keep things interesting in between building and fighting for control of territory.

o For a full listing of server rules, features, mods and changelogs check out the website at:      www.industrialwar2.webs.com


1.Download the technic launcher here http://www.technicpack.net/download

2. Launch it and on the left menu select "add new pack".

3.Paste in The link from the Technic Modpack Site Below: There should be a bar: "Platform URL"

4.Select "add modpack".

6.Launch the game and connect to the server!

If you have any problems e-mail [email protected] for assistance!
Add me on Skype if you cant reach me on email. : Skype:   Noah.serafini     - PA

o Server Info:

o IP: Industrialwar2.hosthorde.net

o modpack Link: http://www.technicpa...al-war-2.293556

o Location: N.America




o Do not harass the admins. If you don't like it you are free to leave. Keep your suggestions to yourself.

o Server is for mature players ONLY!

o Listen to and respect the commanders/commandants, they are moderators.

o DO NOT steal from, grief or betray your own team! We use logblock!

o Verbal abuse, ad hominem attacks, discrimination, hackusations & advertising will not be tolerated.

o Using cheats, hacks or exploits are an instant, no questions asked ban. Only player radars are allowed. If you are even suspected of using other exploits you will be banned immediately. Using things in a manner they were not intended to be used = exploit.

o Combat logging, defined as leaving the game after you have taken or inflicted damage in combat to avoid the consequences, is banned.





Industrial War 2

Website: Http://Industrialwar2.webs.com

* Please visit To download *






IP: Industrialwar2.Hosthorde.net

* Must get ModPack to Join *


Join the fun at Factions! Assemble a team and raid / grief the other factions in this server! Also Enjoy all the modded items that are included within the server !
- Guns
- IC2
- AE2
And much more!


If you have ever played factions on other servers, this is nearly the exact same thing except it has mods and involves a different faction plugin. Overall, you must use the mods given to you to build up a faction you created or you joined. You can also use these mods to attack other factions or defend your own.


IW2 Original War Server !
Industrial War Original is based on a two nations battling it out and building themselves up. This is heavily modded. Economy is built on a buffed UU-matter set up from Industrialcraft 2. This set up will help you make weapons of mass destruction and will help you to create a thriving nation.




Easiest Method:

----> Follow Instructions on this link | http://industrialwar...bs.com/download

If you are familiar with the Technic launcher:

----> Download Modpack Here |  http://www.technicpa...al-war-2.293556

Already know how to add modpacks?

----> here is the Platform URL:
technicpack.net/api/modpack/industrial-war-2   <--* Add Http *



- Applied Energistics 2
- IC2
- Modular ForceFields
- Nuclear Control
- Compact solars
- Zans Minimap
- Optifine
- Walia
- Railcraft
- Feurellos weapons
- Project Red
- Forestry
- Extra Trees / Bees
- MC- Heli



- Worldguard
- WorldEdit
- Myworlds
- Towny / Kfactions / Arena ( Different Servers )
- FirstjoinPlus
- Essentials



Owner: Fxmuffincow
Head Admins:
  - Shockword
  - Truevbuilder
  - Deantheftxbrx
Global Admins:
  - Nighthawk998
  - Shenshi6
  - Blockboy200600


Contact Me:

Skype: Fxmuffincow
Email: [email protected]



IP: Industrialwar2.Hosthorde.net          




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My new computer is prepped for battle old friend. Tolgoi and Athabasca will be coming back right?


I seem to remember Mensrea having people rename the IW folder in the installation process. Have you guys resolved or encountered that issue?

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Changelog 1.2
Removed Player API/ Smart Moving Mod.
Causes Server Crash.
Changelog 1.1
Added: Mod: Project Red
Added: Mod: Secret Rooms
Added: Mod: Smart Movement
Added: Mod: InvTweaks
Added: Mod: Foods Plus
Change: Nuke Explosion Radius Decreased to 10, Where Tnt is 4.
Change: All mobs spawn as Infernal
Change: Enabled Spawning of Infernal Ghasts.
Change: Enabled Spawning of Infernal Zombies.
Change: Enabled The use of Sell & Buy Economy Signs
Content: Added Gem Mine at X:500 Z:500
Content: Added Metal Mine at X:-500 Z:-500
Content: Added Starter Kit!!
Content: Wrote Rulebook V.1.0.0
Config: Changed Zen's Minimap menu Keybind from 'R' To 'M'. Caused conflict when Reloading weapon.
Config: Fixed Broadcast '&n'Overlap
Config: Nerfed Desert Eagles : Ratio from 10 - 3
Config: Nerfed P90
Config: Nerfed M60  : Ammo 320 - 120
Config: Nerfed RDP  : Ammo 200 - 150
Config: Nerfed Dragunov : Ammo 100 - 25
Config: Nerfed Ak47  :Ammo 120 - 85
Config: Nerfed Ak74  :Ammo 100 - 70
Config: Buffed Ak74 Damage: 3 - 4

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-----New Dedicated Server!:-----
You read correctly, we now have a brand
new host and because of that we now no lag.
Don't believe me? Join and find out for yourself!

-----Minor Pack Updates: 1.2.1-----
Fixed Announcement Giving Wrong Coordinates for Certain Mines
Enabled IC2 original Crafting Recipes
Added Chrome Armour And Weapons
Changed the drops for Infernal Mobs          

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----Are you wondering what it is like on Industrial War?------

Here are some of the events that take place!


First Mini-War on Server: Classified as: "Battle of the Streets". Concluded in: A Red and Green Victory. Casualties: 6 Yellow, 1 Red, and 1 Green (Green Died Due to Friendly Fire.) Summary: The Red and Green factions marched upon Yellows base. The Yellows were defeated in the first battle. With reinforcements, the Yellows were able to rise against the Greens and Reds, who had returned to there bases. The Yellows conducted a siege on Green's recruiter base. They eventually retreated when the heard the Red army was coming. The Yellow's were then wacked down by "Nex's Abnormally Large [Nano-Saber]". Nex later died due to Cisco firing upon him. Items were shared between the Reds and the Greens.‏


Server News: Noah has decided to move from Red to Yellow and to be under partial command. He has decided rebuild the Yellow Faction until a Blue faction is needed..

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Minecraft Addict ready to Build Bunkers, Provide Shelter, and Barracks, Sir! *referring to me, lol*



EDIT: Ik theres the main factions, but can you make sub-factions for those faction like say i join red (this is an example) and i want to make a subfaction called The Bloodied Marauders for it (again, another example), I have to ally with red, but can i make that subfaction? AKA are subfactions allowed!

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Username: DaViDsOn33

Skype: *You already have my skype mate*

Age: 14

Experience with Administration: Uh, Had my own World of Warcraft Private server, had my own MC server, Modded and Unmodded with sister server, Have been admin, Moderator , Head-Admin, Stuffz, Ya know

(PS; I decided to fill this in since I got bored so..... Sup XD)
(PSS; #Ducks)

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Update 1.3 Is here! Reset your packs and Download it ! :)
Information on update



Changelog 1.3
Added: Mod: Applied Energistics
Added: Mod: Build Craft 3
Added: Mod: Rail Craft
Added: Mod: Forestry
Added: Mod: Logistics Pipes
Added: Mod: Iron Chest
Updated: Industrial Craft 2 to Latest Build
Current: Working on Old IW Gun pack. Will overide modern Guns
Change: Reloaded All the chunks Around spawn.
Any placed blocks outside from the roads might have been deleted / reset.
Addition: Working on Using CustomSTuff2 for better announcement blocks in mines.
Addition: Working on indestructable blocks on the road.
Addition: Retexturing a new block, with bedrock resistance.
New: Added Donator Packages / Kits & cooldowns still to be implemented
New: Gave out our first donator package.
New: Started up Our Blue Faction, Currently 4 Nations to join now!
Flan: Added Planes
Flan: Added Vehicles / Buggy as HELL!! :/
Flan: New Guns that came with the pack. TEMP!
Flan: Old IW Guns to be implemented




Id like to thank everyone for helping support what I am doing. If anyone wants to continue supporting me and what im doing, please donate! As of now you can donate for a few packages and items, but soon I will be linking a donation page with Information on it. Every donation helps me, and keeps the server up longer.


Special Thanks to our first donator:  Johncena For Donating 30$ for our Chrome Package!


See you all on the server <3,


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Change Log 1.3.1
Added Diridium Blocks
Added Diridium DecorBlock
Added Diridium Block2
Added Clientside Mod: Waila

Diridium blocks will replace the Iridium Reinforced Stone that makes up your base.
Much faster dig speed / More blast resistance /
Added Shop! & Start of Economy!
Fixed Entry Broadcasts for All the mines!
Added Entry Broadcast for Quantum Dam Around spawn.
Changed Recruit base "entry / exit" notifications

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This week we have had some interesting developments. Such as a three way truce between Green, Red, and Yellow. We have been also hearing about a new advanced gem mine with more resources to be collected. And I can't forget to tell you all that Blue has been created.

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Installed Buy Craft with 3 unique Ranks! And some minor Item Purchasing :)
Also Added a new Nether Mine /

Added New custom blocks

Fixed bug where WG notify didn't reach every player
Working on Server website!
Also Getting more plugins for Client side use.

Enjoy the server Guys :)
Join today! -   




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Changelog 1.3.4
Reverted back to 1.3.2 due to modpack bugs.

Changelog 1.3.3
Implementing Original IW guns. All recipes are not finished.

Changelog 1.3.2
Removed Foods Plus
Added NEI Addon for forestry
Changed RPG Strength, Minor Changes with Grenades
added New Texture to Diridium Blocks!

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Changelog 1.4.1
Nerfed OP guns
Buffed Barret .50 Cal
Plugin: TagAPI / Nametags. Colored Nametags!
Logblock Being installed, Sql Server is up!
nation Captiols are built!
Removed: Glitched Vehicles / Invisible Planes
Config: Disabled Block Breaking from vehicles
Config: Disabled Glass Smashing from Guns / AA
Config: Groupmanager Update. Updated Groups / ranks
Config: Removed WW2 Guns / Grenades
Config: Added Passenger Compatibility to Flans planes : Zero, Fokker, BF90
Config: Added Cargo Space to flans planes: Zero, Fokker, BF90

Changelog 1.4
Added Mod: Extra Bees
Added Mod: Custom Recipes
Added Mod: NEI Addons

New Recipes:
Alternate NanoSuit Helmet Recipe
Alternate Iridium Alloy Ingot Recipe
Alternate Iridium Reinforced Plate Recipe
Added Iridium Drill Recipe
Added Empty Cell Recipe
Added Water, Rock, and Nether Hive Recipes

Changelog 1.3.4
Reverted back to 1.3.2 due to modpack bugs.

Changelog 1.3.3
Implementing Original IW guns. All recipes are not finished.

Changelog 1.3.2

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Changelog 1.5
Added Missing Flack Gun ammo
Added UU matter Recipes
Added Shapeless recipe to transfer Regular Oak logs into Apple Logs for gun crafting
Added W1200 Incendiary Ammo to MW box
Added Barret .50 Cal Explosive Ammo to MW box
Fixed Personal safe recipe
Fixed Metal cockpit recipe
Fixed Nano Suit Helmet Recipe
Hopefully fixed Iridium Drill Recipe
50 % DONE with New Spawn area ! --- Coming Soon :)
Working on "Invasion / Raiding " methods this week
Yellow Capitol was finished / set up
Added Secret Easter Egg :) First to find it gets something Cool. - The Easter egg is "Dean Related"


Please Keep Supporting us as a server! Were working hard to modify/ change things for every players benefit. Were thinking about implementing regular "Sub factions". Upon joining, you can be in one of the main 4 Nations, OR you can branch off from one of them and create your own "Unprotected" faction. If you want to be protected by Entry and block breaking, you can get a VIP rank of any sort or donate for any In game item using /buy  

our second month is coming up ! and we need donations <3 please I have put in Many many hours of work into bringing this server up and I need support from the community. If you have any questions, please check out our website. industrialwar2.webs.com  
or you can reach me at [email protected]    /    Skype: Fxmuffincow    ( PA )

Any time of donations are acceptable. <3 Thank you so much.

- Fxmuffincow


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      AI Improvements Better Placement Better Foilage Fast Craft Fast Leaf Decay Inventory Tweaks Java 8 Checker Lumy's Skin Patch NEI Addons NEI Integration Not Enough Items Not Enough Keys Not Enough Ids nTweaks Optifine Optileaves WAILA Waila Harvestability WAWLA Voxelmap Core Mods:
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      Discord: https://discord.gg/fMKGYC7
      YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKDWtowIzrbs4I4AekaSWUw
      We have the old 1.7.10 Combat System in this pack so pvp is still fun!
      Featuring 67 Mods, including ICBM, Mekanism, Atomic Science, AE2, Omega Craft, and many more!
      In a world where power and wealth controls it all, or does it? We have a team based war-economy that makes fun for a solo player looking to just to get by or even counter raiding people for fun! We have 3D gun with animations and realistic sounds just like old Infamy did. We have ICBM and Forcefields and Atomic Science like Voltz had and took the best of both old school mod packs and combined them into HyWar!!!
      The server is full of life with different worlds to explore or conquer! We have a custom world with big mountains,valleys,rivers and more! Plenty of structures to loot or call your home! We are always trying to improve our mod community by looking for good staff, good players and fun mods!
      Server Specs: Intel Core i9-9900K with 10gb of Drr4 with 5 Tbs on a SSD 24/7 uptime!
      Server Rules:
      Be respectful Be ethical Use common sense Don't ask for ranks Do not spam the server Do not bypass the filter Do not make make lag machines No offensive, inappropriate, or derogatory builds Do not advertise other servers or YT channels. Mods:
      AppliedEnergistics 2
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