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I need help!!!!


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So today i decided to play on attack of the B-Team and everything was working like normal i could play on my singleplayer world and everything, but when i decided to play on my server everything seemed to be working. Minecraft showed that the server was up and running so when i try to join it says Building Terrain as usual, but then after that it just exits me out and brings me back to the technic launcher. i've tried resetting my computer and everything. everytime i try it just exits to the technic launcher and doesn't load my server world. Is there a fix to this???

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Go to your attack of the b-team folder and find your crash logs. they should be in a folder labeled "crash-reports." Although it didn't tell you it crashed, odds are likely that a report still exists. Once find the latest crash report you had, post it here. Try to use spoiler tags please, it makes everything look cleaner and prevents having to scroll through a lot of text to reply back.

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      Hi I have reloaded my attack of the b team server I have 12 slots available for a nice community server with players that can come on regularly. as well as being able to play regularly they need to speak English. the server is running  1.0.12a I will accept the first 12 people and I would prefer it if you could contacting me by private message or posting below. good luck
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      Our Promise:
       Crystal BTeam makes a promise to all of it's players - to be the best BTeam server you have ever played on. We have custom plugins to allow for usage of items that are normally banned on other Attack of the BTeam servers. We are also constantly updating server features to assure you and your friends can have the most enjoyable experience. Crystal BTeam is here to stay, we are not going anywhere. Actually, we are one of the oldest & first Attack of the B-Team servers! Come join our lag-free server now and play with 50,000 + happy Members!
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      I am starting an Attack of The B-Team server that is pure survival. I want it to have a small and friendly community. It will be whitelisted, I will accept your application if I think you're trust worthy.
      No Griefing/Stealing
      No pvp unless the other person agrees
      About You:
      Why you Want to Join:
      What are you good at in this modpack:
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      IP: chubbers.aternos.me (there is no port, if you put a port the server's IP will not work!)
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       FireOP is a new dedicated survival server that will give you so much fun online! The server was made
      by chubbers101 who's currently the owner of the server.
      What We offer you:
      〔✔〕Safe environmental server      
      〔✔〕No lag                                      
      〔✔〕Friendly staff/players               
      〔✔〕Keep your inventory on death!
      Server Rules:
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      〔✔〕Don't steal                          
      〔✔〕Don't cheat                         
      〔✔〕respect others                     
      〔✔〕Don't ask for stuff                 
      (More server rules Might be added soon or in-game)
      How to get whitelisted?
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      How Do I know when the server is online?
      Check on the server a few times a day and you will know or add chubb on skype to know when its on! skype: "Its Chubbers101"
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      Hi I Am Starting Up An Attack Of The B Team Server! All Mods Will Be Turned On. All Of Our Plugins Have Been Installed (Nothing Stupid Just The Basics)
      There Are Some Rules To Follow:
      1. No Griefing!(We Do Have An Anti-Grief Mechanism But This Remains A Rule)
      2.Respect All Of The Players (Their People Too)
      3.No Bullying
      4. No PVP Unless Both Yourself And Your Opponent Agree On A Duel/Battle
      5. Do Not Ask For Admin
      6. Do Not Build Near Spawn
      7. HAVE FUN!
      8. NO RAIDING
      I Am Now Accepting Applications; So If You Would Like To Join Simply Post An Application Below Using The Following Template:
      Age (You Must Be 13+):
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      The Server Will Be Up Very Soon, Upon Opening All Selected Members Will Be Shown Below!
                                             Yay! The Time Has Come! Today At 4Pm Eastern-Time Our Server Will Be Launching
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      The New Thread Can Be Found Here:  '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
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