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Redstone Engines Not Working?

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I have tested this problem multiple times, in many different scenarios. Well, actually, let me explain my problem. If I place any form of redstone current to a redstone engine, it does not do anything or make any movement. I have tested this on a 1.3.9 AND 1.3.13 server, and it does not work on either. I have also tested this in singleplayer, both versions, and still nothing. I even tried multiple ways of applying a redstone current to the redstone engine. Please help me! I don't know if it is a bug, glitch or what. Thank you!

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I have tried using a red stone engine on a wooden transport and waterproof pipe. I have also tried plugging it into various forestry utility blocks and even into golden conductive pipes. Thank you for helping me out, as I am in deep need of redstone engines currently.

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For the machines and conductive pipe, Redstone engines no longer provide enough power to be used on those; you'll need to use more powerful engines for them.


They should be working on the wooden transport/waterproof pipes, though- assuming they've been set up correctly. Any chance you could get a screenshot of your setup?

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