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update old world


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been waiting for a new tekkit release since 1.0.10 (or something). me and my friend got all build on our world and we dont wanna start all over again!

so, any ideas how to make the world not crash?


part of me is in that world and I dont wanna keep playing 1.0.10!!!!

I might give feed the beast a chance this time around =

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starting fresh is a lot less painful trust me. a lot of things have changed and if you search the forums you will see loads of posts of people too stubborn to start again.


you just have to decide, do you want to fight continually with plugins and mcedit to get things to work or do you want to play and  learn new things.


Take me for example, we tried to upgrade our server. 3 of us fought with it for a few days, frustrated all to hell. then we decided, lets just start fresh, sucks but fighting with the plugins was painful. I had a huge logistic system I was not looking forward to rebuilding. then it was suggested to try applied energistic instead. I was starting fresh why not. oh my god what a difference. my logistic system was like living in cave man days. and I discovered this all because I started again, now I am happy I did. 


the one thing we did to make the start over a little less painful was mcedited empty shells of our structures. I mean who wants to build a building all over again especially a big one. it is working well now. only took us a couple of weeks to get mostly back to where we were because we knew what to do already. couple of quarries, couple of weeks you will be right back up there.


I am actually glad we restarted, learn so many new things along the way. That is just my take on it though


regardless what you choose I wish you luck

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thanks mate, but i rather not play than start tekkit over again.

my friends are setting up a feed the beast server, so I might play it sometime, but since its using 1.5.2... i guess shit will go down soon xD


good day

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my suggestion is you are playing with a bunch of friends who are good with minecraft servers. start your own mod pack. we are at 200 mods on my server with a tekkit base, we have all the cool items from ftb, tekkit, b-team and hexxit plus more all in one server.

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