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Unable to choose how much memory to allocate

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I have recently installed the attack of the b-team modpack on my laptop running windows 8 64 bits.

Noticing that I have crashes and difficulty running the modpack, I installed Java 64 bit, so I had more RAM allocation options in the launcher.

Now the problem is that even if I allocated 4G to AoTBT, every 10 seconds I have a lag spike, and I know it's because of the RAM because when I press F3, I see the 99% of the allocated RAM is being used, which is normal, because the RAM allocated is only around 400mb. Now this is very weird, since I have allocated 4G to the game... I cannot find a way to change the amount allocate, it won't let me change it :(

I have also messed with the Java Runtime Parameters, trying "-Xmx4G", to allocate 4G, but nothing works. I am absolutely certain I have installed the 64 bit version of Java...


What can I do? Why won't it let me change the allocated memory? I can also mention that I have Optifine installed, the Ultra C6 version.


Thank you for your help!


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It took me 6 hours but I found the fix! 


What you need to do is go to control panel, then system and security, then system. 


On the left hand side is a list of stuff; click advanced system settings in the new window, click "Environment Variables" on the bottom right.


In the new window, find the variable "_JAVA_OPTIONS", select it and click edit then change the value to whatever amount of RAM you like. For example -Xmx4096M for 4GB, or -Xmx2048 for 2GB



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If you don't have the issue with Java_options being set to override your java max memory allocation, then you don't have the issue with Java_options being set to override your java max memory allocation.


If that's not clear enough yet, then simply understand that you do not have the same issue.


Please post your logs up on the tracker following the guidelines - links that will help with that can be found in my sig.

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You know how there's two sides of that window, a list at the top and a list at the bottom?  The one at the bottom is what they were calling "System" (it's the bit based in HKEY_CURRENT_MACHINE), the bit at the top is what they were calling "Local" (based on HKEY_CURRENT_USER instead).  If it's not on the page at all then that's actually good.


If you'd post logs on the tracker after following the tracker guidelines rather than pushing the point here which is at the >very least frowned upon then I'd actually be able to tell you for sure.

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