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I BINGed instructions on how to create a Tekkit server on MineOS. I found nothing but experimented and figured it out.
You want to configure MineOS to use the Tekkit.jar file. Access your MineOS user interface (https://[MineOS local IP]:8080) and select Manage Profiles. Click Create Custom Profile, name your profile Tekkit, choose Unmanged under type, type Tekkit.jar as Jarfile to run. Click Submit.
What you want to do is to download the Tekkit server zip file to the computer you browse the internet on. Upload it to the MineOS server in a new server folder. (var/games/minecraft/servers/[new server name]) You do this using the File Manager located under Tools in the port 12321 tools. (https://[mineOS local IP]:12321) Unzip the tekkit zip file in the directory and choose to delete the file after unzipping. Go up one level to Servers folder, select the tekkit server folder and click on the Info button in the icon bar. Under ownership change User and Group to mc. At the bottom under "Apply changes to" select "This directory and all subdirectories and files" and then Save.
You will need to copy the Tekkit.jar file you unzipped to the Tekkit profiles folder. (var/games/minecraft/profiles/Tekkit/) Simply use the copy and paste functions in the File Manager icon bar.
After doing this, the server should populate in the server list in the MineOS user interface, however it is not yet ready to start.
Choose the Tekkit server in the Dashboard, select server.config. Change the java_xmx and java_xms to the sizes of RAM you desire to use. in the minecraft profile field type the name of the Tekkit profile you created earlier (Tekkit if you followed my instructions exactly). Also configure if you would like the server to start on reboot and desired archive and backup intervals.
Next edit the server.properties to your liking. If you are opening a server on a port other then the default port you will need to open those ports inside MineOS by editing linux values if you have not already done so. A quick search should tell you how to do this.
The server should now launch with no problems.
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Hello GoWayaKun His instructions worked for me. Thank you. But on the client side an error message appears like this: "you have not installed fml" I forge installed on the local machine, but my game still gives error! And I do not connect to the server. Do you have any ideas to help me?

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I have posted on the MineOS forums that we have a tool that allows server owners/managers to download and unzip our modpacks.




It is a very useful and easy to use application, and should not be a problem with integration into other platforms.


Topic post for the app is here: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>

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