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Hey Everybody! This is my first post so dont expect a lot of professionel stuff :P

But Anyways, hi. Ive been working on a Attack Of The Bteam map. It is a adventure map, and it has a lots of exploration in it. (This map is not a long map, but it includes alot of mods). As you just heard I used alot of mods and the Theme of the map is actually youtubers this is kinda a story of the map: You are someone, not gonna tell yet ;) Your task is to help the ATeam, the ATeam is the BTeams worst enemy. The reason why you have to help the ATeam is so you can betray them. This dont happen as you have planned, and the ATeam wants to have you make alot of tasks. Theese task are incredibly easy and they are a bit weird. At some point the "Machine" SPOILER ALERT!: Actually breaks and the Bteam finds a cool way to get you out of the tasks. Generik has made a spaceship for you and you gotta go to the ATeam headquarters and kill them (The Headquarters Is On The Moon)

Im working on getting my airlocks and stuff for the Moon Base Done, there will probably be even more, maybe the Ateam escapes or something :D Pls show some support and tell me if you have any ideas for what to happen or what to change. GO BTEAM!!!!!!




Im Done With It :D  Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w1lw6py0u7oa9my/Attack%20Of%20The%20ATeam%20%5BTested%20Safely%5D.rar


If you play this, and record it to youtube, then please give me credits. Thanks. [Just Fixed The Map] [second Fix]

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the map isn't bad mate, yet it could use a bit of work. The story was a bit odd (not going to spoil for people) but the building was pretty good tho! I like the idea tho, it could be improved upon a bit yet it is still pretty damn good man. Keep it up and make another map!

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Thanks everybody, i know this one was pretty odd. It really just was a test. Im working on a way bigger and better attack of the bteam map. Make sure to stay tuned. Update: IM SAD!!! : I tried to plant one of those rubber trees that like weird. And it corrupted my world because it was so giant! I didnt backup!

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