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Dragon Mounts Mod Help

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Dragons are weird: They teleport and jitter while flying. 


Ps: Clicking the egg destroys/hatches it, even in protected areas. This is annoying as hell, since it is also an OP altar foci for Witchery. It would be less trolly if eggs could only be hatched by redstone signal or heat (i.e.-a fir near it.)

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I wish I had known about the strange behavior before I tried getting a dragon on LAN. I hatched it and waited for it to grow, and after I tamed it, it was owned by the world owner. 

It works fine on proper LAN servers, just not the singleplayer 'open to LAN' option from within minecraft.  There's a lot of weird assumptions that version will make with both vanilla minecraft and mods (it's usually as simple as things defaulting to the 'server' player).

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Hello! I created a new world and am using the dragon mounts mod. Something I've noticed in screenshots and such is a bar that shows up when you hover over a dragon with your mouse. It shows the health and name of the dragon but I don't have that. I have grown 2 dragons to full size and the saddles are not working on them (they're most definitely full size) and the little command stick isn't working either. So I can't ride, look at the dragon stats or do really anything with them besides making them sit with bones and feeding them raw fish... Is there something I did wrong? 

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