Diablo 3 A Legendary Prank

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    • By 3lade
      Imagine a world where your sense of adventure is reignited yet is still familiar, a world ran by a small, intimate community. Meet Alan's Legendary Server.
      The server operates 24/7.

      Meet our modpack:
      - ? >150 mods (various magic, technical and adventure mods) ? 
      - ? Breathtaking Atmosphere: become aware of your surroundings, every step you make, every hit you take will feel real. Never has an adventure been so immersive. ? 
      - ? Technically Superior: all mods in the pack have been configured to suit our server to ensure maximum performance and enjoyment. We're running a custom dedicated server with a 1GBPS connection and 16 GBs of RAM.
      - ⬇ Solder Enabled: Solder has been enabled - meaning whenever something changes you don't have to redownload the entire modpack

      Pack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/alans-legendary-pack.890967
      Discord Server: https://discord.gg/BHD6Jzm

      Join the Discord server and tag @Alan#1262, he'll provide you with the server IP / add you to the whitelist. See you there! 
    • By silas825
      my name is silas and im looking for someone to play some Attack Of The B-Team With!
      anyway if you feel interested by this then good:)

      Anyway just for some infomation please fill out this little thing:) (filled it with my own data

      Age(not required):14.5(but pretty mature/i think so)
      Gender(not required):Male
      Where do i live(for time and lag stuff):Denmark(CET/central European/Europian/i dunno time)
      Can i host the server(hamachi does not matter for me):no... my PC is not the best and it has had trouble with server hosting

      Thanks for your time!
      Have a nice day!
    • By TetraD
      We got a little annoyed that he complained about never getting any gear so we decided to set this up, I hope you enjoy it!