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I am looking to start a no-lag attack of the b-team server. I want it to have a theme. I need help thinking of a theme so that I can start working on finding the plugins.

I was wondering if you guys could help me find ideas.

note: RAM is not gonna be a problem.



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One of the problems with a game which so quickly gets post-scarcity means that everything is valueless very quickly. As a result, anything built around economy, and to some extent combat, is impossible, because getting to a state where you are needlessly rich or incredibly powerful takes too little time. The only commodities that still have value in a post-scarcity environment are design and labour, so you need a concept that rewards clever contraptions, good aesthetics, or long grinding. Obviously none of those especially easy to work into a server theme.


I think the first thing you therefore are going to need to do is take out the rich oregen, so that's at least some element of value in what people collect.

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