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Attack of The B-Team Whitlisted Server (13+) Only Accepting 15

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IGN: MitchMatey
Age: 14
Skype: mitchdog6
Average time you'll be on the server: Probably 1 hour every day (more on weekends and holidays)
Why do you want to join? To have fun with the community, and become a WITCH! muahahau

Will you follow the rules?  Of Course! 

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Average time you'll be on the server: Daily for a couple hours or more
Why do you want to join? the perks of a singleplayer is the best over mulitplayer because all mulitplayer servers take the fun out of it because of greifers and more. But whitelister servers are like that but with people you will get to know

Will you follow the rules? Yes

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IGN: gamersuperbeast
Age: 36
Skype: William Southward Jr
Average time you'll be on the server: Try for daily for about 2-3 hours schedule allowing. At least though I will play 8-10 hours a week.
Why do you want to join? I love this modpack and have been looking for a small community server to join that allow friendly play (like that of what you see on Chimneyswift's,BdoubleO's, GenerikB's and the other's videos.  I am a very imaginative player and get alot of inspiration from watching them and other minecraft videods.  Plus I am looking to start my own series.

Will you follow the rules? Yes.

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IGN: UndoubtedKhaos
Age: 19
Skype: live:undoubtedkhaos
Average time you'll be on the server: A few hours a day, dependent on my schedule
Why do you want to join?: I love attack of the b-team, and want to be part of a nice, small server to play it on ^^

Will you follow the rules?: Of course I will, its no fun if you dont!

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IGN: Animalfan1556
Average time you'll be on the server: as much as i can because i have school but weekends all night if i can stay awake
Why do you want to join? i am good at the mod pack and would like a place to record for a youtube series

Will you follow the rules? i will follow them as closely as i can 

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Age: 18
Skype: dont have one and my internet suck ( cant handle skype and MC in one time)
Average time you'll be on the server: about 2 hour per day if my home PC fixed gonna play about 5 hour / day
Why do you want to join? i need another server cuz my last server closed

Will you follow the rules? i will follow the rules

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IGN: ashbash127
Age: 16
Skype: asherroberts1
Average time you'll be on the server: At least 3-4 hours a day
Why do you want to join? Im looking for a small server with friendly and fun members. I want to be apart of a server that i can call home. Ive been playing this mod pack on single player and it definitely misses the company of friends so this is a perfect opportunity for me.
Will you follow the rules? Of course! I believe all rules are important and are there for a reason. A server with a great community isn't possible without setting a few boundaries.
Hope to see you all on the server. This is very exciting for me :D
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IGN: japp112
Age: 13
Skype: erik118800
Average time you'll be on the server: I will be on the server so much i can.
Why do you want to join? Because i want to play on a server without griefers and pvp, and a server with friendly persons.

Will you follow the rules? Yes, of course!

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Hello, just a heads up I'm putting in an application for my buddy of mine too.

IGN: shaymus1
Average time you'll be on the server: 2-3 hours(more on weekends)
Will you follow the rules? Indeed I will
Age: 14
Skype: none... steam nic697
Average time you'll be on the server: 2-3 hours
Will you follow the rules? yes
Just letting you know that we just started playing and are only, lets say "newbies" to the modpack. It'll be a learning experience I suppose.
My steam account is also shaymus1 (sea) 
We wanna join because we have joined numberless amounts of servers and everyone griefed/stole from us, but with a whitelist thats no problem. Also, we just wanna have a good time and learn together with others.
Edited by shaymus1
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IGN: Ezera13


Skype: Rather not give it out until and if I am accepted.

Average time you'll be on the server: At least an hour everyday... I can be very busy, but most of the time it'll be from 2-8 hours

Will you follow the rules? Of course, as long as I get to join ;)


Honestly, I am just getting into the pack.. Ive played a lot of Madpack, and FTB packs so certain mods I understand very well while others ill be diving into blindfolded, but either way I hope I have the opportunity of playing on the server! Thanks.

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IGN: edskull97

Age: 16

Skype: madskeleton1

Week days 6 to maby 8 hours weekends posibly the hole day.

I wana me new players and have a smaller sever to play on.

Yes, I will follow the rules 


I hope evryone is awsome and friendly as I am :bubblewoop:

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IGN: moss492

Age: 14

Skype: moss492

Average time you'll be on the server: Round 2 Hours on the weekday, like 4 Hours Friday, Saturday.

Why do you want to join? i'm really bored of just playing by myself and want to play with other people and have fun :)

Will you follow the rules? Yeah of course, it's pointless doing the whole application if you want to grief or whatever.. anyway i will follow every rule their is.

Edited by moss492
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IGN: Orion14ed
Age: 14
Skype: garrykuwantoshb
Average time you'll be on the server: maybe 3-4 hours on weekends and little time on weekdays because of school
Why do you want to join? i want to find a good small community with not childish peoples so no harm in pranking them

Will you follow the rules? of course yes

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IGN: Tyl3r_j


Age: 16


Skype: Jonsey1122


Average time on the server: Most likely 1-2 hrs on weekdays and 2+ on the weekends.


Why do you want to join: Because i enjoy playing Attack of the B-Team on survival and would like to play with other people.


Will you follow the rules? Yes, I will follow every rule 100%

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IGN: bluewolf7979

Age: 13 (14 later this year)

Skype: bluewolf7979

Average time you'll spend on the server: 1-2 hours most weekdays. On weekends should be at least 4 hours a day unless something comes up.

Why do you want to join? I want to have that connection between players like the people on the server do (GennyB, BDubs, Chimney). I want to have that experience and play with a group rather than solo. There is so much more to do in this mod pack in multiplayer than in single player. I am looking for a small, nice server to play and hopefully make new friends!

Will you follow the rules? Of course! 


Extra: I have played a lot on solo so I know some of the mods, however, there are still many more I have to learn and it would be awesome if I could learn it from people on the server and I could teach them what I know. 

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      Please consult the modpack author.
      I have Java 64-bit Version 1.8.0_131, and 2 gigs of ram allocated out of 4 gigs. Can anyone help me?  This is driving me insane!
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