[1.0.9c] VMP [PvE][25slot][Open][nothing banned]

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Hello i am tired of playing alone on my server and would like people to join and play :)


Server rules

1. be mature



no mods taken away



nothings banned



there are no plugins


i am tired of playing alone :)


server is 24/7


its just a plain server the spawn is in a grass biome near the ocean and a village is near by


if you would like to join  the server curently only me my 2 bros and my sis is playing

if so contact me by skype derange41 or tekkit inbox cuz we mostly voice chat from skype also


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I would like to join your server but I don't have skype (if its really necessary I can get an acc) .. but can u sent me a pm with the IP?

IGN: Waynee95

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