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Fission Reactor gone?


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stack those reactor cells.  each core in the stack vastly improves the number of turbines it can spin.  just make the water deep enough to submerge the number of cores you have stacked.


3 stacked cores for example will turn an 11 x 11 "circle" of turbines, for example.  Even just 2 cores can turn a minimum of 20 turbines, but is able to turn more then that on ocasions, depending on the materials used in the construction of your reactor setup, you might get many more to turn then just the 20 or so above it. 


 a stack of cores still can be run off a single fuel cell.  But adding more cells, it increases efficiency slightly and increases heat by quite a bit.  more heat = larger area of turbines that can be spun.  But also higher risk of malfunction/explosion.

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