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[3.1.2][SuperFunTime][32Slots][PvE][2+ years old!]

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Server IP:
About us:
Super Fun Time is a gaming community established in 2010. Our main focus is Minecraft but we provide a multitude of other gameservers for our users. Come check us out at Our Website.
Didnt build it? Don't touch it.
No advertising of anything
Be respectful, no flaming or flame baiting
Information about the Server:
This is my first forge ever I ever setup, I can't remember when I set it up. I'm thinking 2-3 years ago -- was around when tekkit first released, the server is stable and it's pretty secure agaisnt griefing -- all you need to do is protect your stuff. We use Worldguard.
Server Hardware:
The server is only 32 slots, but can easily get much more. It has 32GB ram with an i5 2500k CPU. Once we fix one of our machines we will be moving it to a much more powerful host.
Useful commands you may need:
/home set - Sets your home
/home - Returns you to your home
/home invite <player> - Invites the player to your home
/warp create <name> - Creates a warp to that point so you can return later
/warp private <name> - This makes your warp private so only you and those you choose has access
/warp invite <name> - invites players to your private warps
/donate - Provides a link to our donation shop

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I have played on this server for over a year now and i have enjoyed every day of it, it's a really good server with no lag and a good staff team you should all come play on it :)

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Awesome server. Friendly players and staff, lots to do. Played for almost a year on this now and over a year for the awesome community. Literally no lag! You really do have a Super Fun Time! :)

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