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I've been playing Minecraft since the beginning of Alpha and Multiplayer Minecraft since it came out. Since the beginning of the essentials plugin, many server owners haven't enable useful commands that can only benefit them and their players. To help both server admins and players, I've made a list below of some of the most useful of the commands, what they do, and the permissions for them.



Fixes: _____ is spamming me with PMs!

Permission: essentials.ignore

Description: Ignores a player.

Alternative: Hire more admins to deal with annoying players.

Additional Notes: Give your admins essentials.chat.ignoreexempt to make sure players don't ignore them.



Fixes: What's the item id for _____?

Permission: essentials.itemdb

Description: Search for the id of an item by name. Additionally, looks up the data (item ids, data value, and durability) of the item currently held if no name is provided.

Alternative: Force players to install and use Forge w/ NEI or TMI.


Fixes: How do I craft ______?

Permission: essentials.recipe

Description: Displays information on how to craft an item.

Alternative: Force players to install and use Forge w/ NEI.


Fixes: Has anyone seen _____? Is _____ banned?

Permission: essentials.seen (for bans: essentials.seen.banreason)

Description: Displays the last time the user was online, and ban reason if banned (only if player has .banreason perms)

Alternative: Log all your bans in a public place.

Additional Notes: Do NOT give essentials.seen.* or players will be able to search and see IPs.


Fixes: Is it day outside?, What time is it?

Permission: essentials.time

Description: Displays the current time in the current world.

Alternative: Give out free clocks in a kit.

Additional Notes: Do NOT give essentials.time.* or essentials.time.set as these two nodes would allow players to set the time.





Fixes: _____ is spamming me with TPs!

Permission: essentials.tptoggle

Description: Allows players to ignore TPs.

Alternative: Hire more admins to deal with the annoying players.

Additional Notes: Give you admins essentials.tpo to allow them to bypass this toggle.

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