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    • By Konman156
      Hello fellow minecrafters, Derailed Gamers just opened a Voltz Server for all to enjoy. This mod pack is a lot of fun IF you play it right! With that being said we have whitelisted this server and added a few strict rules!

      Rules for Derailed Voltz:
      1. NO PvP - is only allowed on War Days.
      2. NO GRIEFING - Griefing is only allowed on war days.
      3. DO NOT mess with people's stuff when it is not a war day. You may scout and try to find bases.
      4.Rejuvenation bomb/missles are only allowed for refilling quarry holes. Do not use them during war.
      5.Quarries - you may use them but only for mining, make sure you do not mine someone's base. Please check before you mine.
      6.To remain whitelisted you must be active on teamspeak. We have made channels for teams.If you do not wish to be on a team because of members on it we will re assign you.


      -How the Server Works-
      If you're like me the last thing you want is your base raided or blown up while you are offline. That's bullshit and no fun. So how things work on this server is we have war days! A war day is a full on pvp no rules war, where all the teams go to war with one another. These days are set when all team leaders choose a day that best works for them. We do this so everyone gets a chance to defend there base. War days will be once or twice a week depending on the team leaders and their teams availability. When it is not a war day there is to be no pvp, at this point it's a friendly building day where all server rules apply.

      Yes it's true we have trust in our members and I'm sure we will run into people that do not listen. They will be banned and we will move on. For your safety against Rule breakers we have nightly backups and active admins.

      Server IP: mc.derailedgamers.net
      Teamspeak IP: teamspeak.derailedgamers.net

      Our plugins: World border and essentials.
      Essentials is turned off during war days.

      Banned items: modular Powersuits. (Overpowered)

      Hope to see you all on teamspeak!

      Whitelisted app:

      Internet Speed:
      Do you have teamspeak? (Must have):
      Why are you interested in this server?:
      Do you work well in teams?:
    • By zunkey
      Hello and welcome. Before you join, Please sign up at http://hexical.enjin.com
      And if you ask nicely, Zunkey might give you an item for signing up!
      Hello. We are a 3 month old server, with a pretty good player data base!
      ( Depends on your timezone, At the time of posting this everyones in school)
      We run 8.0gb ram and we are hoping to upgrade that, we have the supplies to do so, its just when we are going to do so,
      We run Minecraft 1.6.4 ATTACK OF THE BTEAM 1.0.9c!
      And we are hoping you will sign up on the site and join us in the server! We are a no grief/raiding server, but PVP is enabled.
      1. Be nice
      2. Do not break any graves
      3. Dont swear excessivly
      4. Dont raid or grief, Pvp is enabled but Rule Number 2 applies.
      5. Be logical
      6. Respect all staff
      7. We support a postitive community, Keep it that way.
      8. Share with others.
      9. If you kill someone, let them get their graves and items.
      10. Dont ask for ranks or items, Apply at the sites in the forum.
      11. Minions are our only banned items.
      12. Respect all rules including this one
      13. Dont break the rules or take a sledgehammer to the face! <-- Unofficial rule
      14. Staff can tp to players to make sure they are complying by the rules
      15. Empty Rule node
      16. Empty Rule node
      17. Empty Rule node
      Please follow these rules and we hope to see you soon on the server!
      It really helps us if you diamond to. If you ask nicely zunkey will give you another item :3
      Check your timezone! people are in-school so thats why the server is "Empty"
      ** Did some work on java. Java should lag WAY less. This was implimented at 4/5/2014 12:37PM
      (Confirmed to work)
      ** Quests removed

      ** Got golden shovel grief protection plugin

      ** We are Doing our worlds in seasons. This year is only Season1
      ** Server will now auto restart upon /stop or crash.
       Server auto restart now confirmed to work!
      ** Join the tactical strike force, We will conquer the "racer" clan.
      The only place they will be "racing" to is to their mommiez.
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