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New Attack of The B-Team Lets Play Series (please check it out)

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Hey everyone! I just started a new channel on youtube, and im posting a new attack of the b-team lp series. Here me and my friends build, explore and try out mods!

As I have noticed youtube is very hard to get people to find you, even if you have good content.

So that lead me here in hope of making some new friends and pushing my channel a little further.

Please dont hate as this is just a way to get my channel out there, and theres probably people that like looking at Lets plays! So if you enjoy, please leave a like and subscribe! That is what motivates me and makes me do videos. Remember to gove constructive feedback aswell. Thankz.

Channel: http://m.youtube.com/user/LYTisBOSS

A cool episode of the series: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mskSa7ey4DY

Hope you enjoy!

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I'm interested in supporting good content from small channels, so I wish you luck. There is actually a dedicated section for promoting LPs which I just found today. You may want to post there http://forums.technicpack.net/forum/34-lets-play-pavillion/


I must say it was tough to watch the episode you linked since the sound was so bad, but what you built was pretty cool.

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