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So I'm not sure if the current Attack of the B-team pack has the BiblioCraft mod or not. i have seen generikb bdouble0 and chimneyswift playing it in their videos where they say its on there but mine does not have it. I assume it's because maybe mine isn't completely updated or something but i can't seem to find where to update at if someone could help that's be awesome 

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1.0.10a has the mod in it, but since it isn't marked as recommended people will not be able to download it by default unless they change their modpack settings to either manually select version or to use the latest version.


Run the launcher, click the cog icon below the modpack icon on the left, and you can change the version to use latest or manually select the 1.0.10a

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I've also been following paulsoaresjr's & chimneyswift11's videso on generikb & bdouble0 server.  I look forward to when Bibliocraft is available on a stable version of this mod pack.  I'm just playing a single game for now.  I hope to find a mature server somewhere close to Southern Ontario some day in the future and enjoy the fun of playing with other people.


Attack of the B-Team has really peaked my interest in Minecraft once again (you know when you play so long and wonder why you have a headache until you reazlize 4 hours have passed by).  Thanks again for bringing all these awesome mods together!!  Of course, thank you to all the creators of all the mods within this mod pack.  I think that's why I'll play Minecraft forever...because it's like a new game every time you play with a mod pack. :)

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