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I heard that the guy who made EE2 might update it after he finishes with EE3. If Alblaka starts working on 1.6.4 IC2, and makes it stable, If redpower 2 gets updated, if bukkit forge gets updated, and if they stop that grudge on sengir the developer or foresty and readd it, then I hope that tekkit classic with be continued into 1.6.x. But there 5% chance that, that is going to happen. Well, we will still have the memories of the most bad ass tekkit series by yogscast duncan and the best and first mod pack to have ever come out in it's prime time in beta (tekkit 2). 

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Probably are losing players to the Ftb Launcher,  But then again they don't have stable modpacks usually. Their voltz version sucks.


That's kinda funny.

I mostly play the Technic Launcher, but I really do respect the FTB Launcher.

Compared to Technic, they are much more thorough in ensuring there are no exploits or bugs. AOTBT itself still has PLENTY of game breaking exploits including duping.

They do that while still using very lengthy mods such as Thaumcraft and EE3.

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I was wondering, is there a possibility that you guys can make a download where people can download the old launcher? I like the new launcher but I liked the old one as well. The old launcher also had the Technic Pack, I have the Technic Pack on the new launcher but it's a user remake and it doesn't really feel authentic. You don't need to change anything from that launcher since I guess the download location still exists.

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analogy time: you know how a car that stands on the spot, not moving or engine running for years and years, starts getting rust and moldy?


That's how the old launcher is doing. There are no updates to it. I remember Sct commenting on that very fact that it will stop working sooner or later.

if you want to you can search through Sct's posting history to find that post

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That can happen to software? I know that, that happens to physical objects but I never knew it could happen to software.



It does when certain things outside the software that it depends on are no longer around or are no longer functional or are simply no longer compatible.

basically this.  the old launcher doesn't work anymore because the back end stuff it used to talk to to get pack updates/files has changed and no longer works the same way.  like it's calling a number and getting one of those "we're sorry, the number you're calling has been disconnected" messages.  the phone works, but you can't make the call.

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For the record, the Yogcast are now screwing around with a new modpack (YogcastComplete) not unlike the old YogBox pack. Oddly enough it's on the ATL Launcher, which is peculiar to me given their history with Technic, but I suppose automatic mod updates interest them more. (There was also Sjin's Feed the Beast World farm series, but that's been rebooted on the new series. Wonder if Strawfingers will make a return.)


So, really, let's move on and enjoy the luxury of seeing how we can automate stuff using the tools we have now. The Launcher just now makes it easier and cooler to do that.

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So Kakermix, and the Technic team is just letting Yogscast modify the ORIGINAL files? I would just copy everything and give them a copy of the files, not the original stuff. And I still think that the new launcher should still have Technic Pack on it.

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