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Every time that I leave the Nether my item transport system from project red disappears. The blocks are no longer there after I leave the Nether. I have tried breaking the "block" that I know should be there to see if the chunk would update and it would appear and it won't. the only solution I have been able to find that works is to restart my attack of the B team. IS anyone else having this issue? Anybody have any tips that I could try to see if it works? It may be that I do not currently have ample ram dedicated or something else. I am not sure. thanks for reading all of this! I greatly appreciate any help.

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I have a vanilla minecraft nether portal, I will enter my portal go mining come back to my portal after a little bit then return through my nether portal and my project red item transportation system will no longer be there as well as the forge micro blocks I had covering up my system. I checked where I had the chest for the system and the pipes that should be connected to them are no longer there. I have checked to see if the textures did not load when I came back and the blocks are not even there in my minecraft world.  The chests are still there but the item transportation system disappears. I have not been able to find anyone else with the same difficulties. I can get a before and after picture to show you what is happening if that will be helpful in some way.

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I can honestly say I have never had this issue with project red and I use the mod quite extensively (in supposed bugged harvester setups with the saplings, to using the generikb video type method for storage, to making it automate virtually everything else. and id do it with liquids too if i could) and that the issues you're experiencing are quite interesting.


After testing it like czzarr mentions, if the issue doesnt repeat itself in a new world, do indeed post pictures of literally everything, including those that may seem unrelated. If you have a lot of machines or things set-up that pictures may not be best to represent, uploading your world save will give us to take a look personally to see if it happens on our machines with the map.

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ok so not sure if you meant the project red transportation pipes were in the nether or in the overworld, but either or just went to the nether and back and all my pipes and such are still there. pictures will be helpful, but i suspect you might need to reinstall the pack, but BACKING UP your world first of course. reinstall using the same version you are using now, ie 1.0.9c. 

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I have been having this same problem on a server. We are running 10b. It doesn't happen every time but it happens when I leave a chunk and come back. Especially when I go to the nether. A re-log usually fixes it.


At the same time I am also having a similar problem... When I leave the chunk my item system is in. Upon return my routed request pipes will not give me my items. The number of items I request goes down appropriately but nothing comes out of the pipe or goes in the chest (I have tried it both ways). Now, I do not loose any items (which seems to be different then what i have been reading about) after a little while the number of items goes back up. The only solutions I have found is to break the routed request pipe and place it back again or a re-log. This is only temporary however because once I leave it happens again. This is also true for all three of my routed request pipes (in spread out locations) I have to break and replace each one individually as I need to use it. I am getting pretty sick of this routine. I feel like these two problems are related somehow. Other people on my server are experiencing the same problems, including the first problem. I have also tried the above fix and nothing. The server is not mine, but I have Op/Moderator status. I also have access to server log in. Can anyone help?



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