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Everything in the game is darkened


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I recently added some mods to a modpack. I have been playing it for a few days. Today I started playing after a while I put my comupter into sleep mode with the modpack at the title screen. When I started my world everything was dark. So I checked in Hexxit and the sky was blue?



                                The sky looked like this.                           The sky looked like this.

                                       Taup00rs.jpg?1                                                NdjIDIcs.jpg

                               / Custom Modpack /                                      / Hexxit /


So is there any way to make the sky blue again because when the sky is darkend all the blocks are dark too.


sorry if your viewing on a 

phone the pictures are messed up

                                           Thank you in advance

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I am using the Yogscast MoonQuest Modpack with Railcraft, Open blocks, Factorization and Soul Shard Reborn installed by me. I also updated ICBM and removed Brains to Leather. When this happened my NEI utilities were gone in utility mode and cheat mode also the sky at night is not darkened and torches are not effective.

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