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    • By markolie20
      Hello everyone
      im playing aotb on a faction server and i have build the projectred item system. but i have a problem: when i look in my item request pipe it says i have all items 4 times i really have them. for example if  have 2 enderpearls i see in the display that i have 8 but when i request 8 i get 2. this is really frustrating because every time i think we have enough of something i actually dont have enough.
      sorry for my bad english
      can someone pls help me get the good numbers in my display
      already ty
    • By DwIAllu
      Hey, so today, i was at a server playing the game, I decided to build a balloon with the archimedes ship mod. So i made the balloon, and rode it. couple minutes later i went in the balloon and my game crashed and i tried to join the game again but it crashes my game every time. Also, now when i try to play it says You need saints pack: 0.5 to play. WTF
    • By VampyreDude
      My attack of the B Team server wont start.
      Im using Multicraft and Cauldron 1.6.4,  3 GB of RAM. 
      Here is my crash report. Please give any advice you can!:
    • By islands420
      ******UPDATE!!!!!! we have a Few slots still available Please Private Message me for Details

      Were are Running a personal server ,mild pvp, just build n have fun, Running ALL mods

      server Located in Manitoba Canada, great connection for my fellow Canadians
      heres a looks at what we done so far :

    • By TomTheEpic
      Attack of the B-Team is a modpack developed by Technic, the creators of Tekkit, and includes a large variety that are mainly about 'crazy mad science'. The modpack includes fewer technical mods from FTB but includes more building orientated mods.

      Whitelist Sign up:
      The B-Team server is a whitelisted server to prevent griefing. Ways to sign up for the whitelist:
      Erebus forums Planet Minecraft Minecraft Forums ?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>Technic Forums Server rules:1. No Griefing
      2. No killing other players without consent
      3. No asking for items
      4. No advertising, hacking, swearing, spamming

      Donation Store:
      To keep the server going we need donations and there are 3 packages in the B-Team store (Link).

      Dynamic Map:
      We also have a Dynamic map for exploring areas around the server (Link).

      If you are new to the server or need help you can browse through our tutorials (Link).

      Sphax Texturepack:
      The texture pack that I recommend is sphax even though some computers might not be able to handle it (Link).

      Modpack Download:
      Downloading the modpack is pretty simple and can be found here. Once you launch it select 'Attack of the B-Team' and hit play.

      Whitelist Application

      To sign up for the Attack of the B-Team server you will need to answer a few simple questions.
      Staff will check the forum and update it straight away. We will leave a comment to let you know that you have been accepted.
      All players will be accept.

      IP: erebus-bteam.sytes.net

      Leave your reply in the comments:
      Minecraft username:
      Where you found this server?
      Why you want to be on this sever?
      What are you planning on doing on the server?
      Your favourite colour?

      Have fun.

      | Whitelist Application: Erebus Fourms, PMC, Minecraft Forums, ?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>Technic Forums |
      | Sphax Texturepack | Modpack download | Server Store | Tutorials | Dynamic Map |

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