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Hey, so i started up my Attack of the b team, and everything was fine, till i saw that the map was re-rendering the chunks i was in at the time, and any i loaded, as pitch black. I know for a fact that it is not cave mode, which is why im so confused. I havn't changed anything in any settings, but i looked through the mapwriter settings anyway, and no luck. I tryed restarting B-team (including the launcher), and my computer, as well as loading up another world, but still nothing has worked. Linked are two pictures of what is happening, one in my survival world, and one in my creative one. Anyone know whats up? Thanks.


Survival AH258sp.png


Creative Qjs151S.png

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Yea same problem for me it kinda sucks it's at the edge of my base annoying always seeing black

But I do remember that this was posted before and I believe there was a fix that was posted in the tracker ( some way if resetting map data)

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Ok so i tryed all of the things you suggested, Kalbintion, and here is my conclution. Every one of your solutions works great. they all fix the problem. At first. But when i re open a world with Sphax on, it happenes again. If i do any of those fixes, and reopen in the deafault, it works. Switch to sphax, its a no go. Im not sure what to make of this. I could play on default, but I really dont want to. Anyone know a fix?

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