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Attack of the B-Team Constant Crashes on the Technic Launcher

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Well I play Attack of the Bteam On a Private server my friend set up he didnt dissable any mods and the server has no plug ins what so ever so the server is just runing the modpack,Well i get constant crashes when i launch B-Team on The Technic Launcher These crashes happen when i Log off the server and try and relog,They also happen Randomly when im playing or when i open up the interface of sertain machines... On the Other hand i installed forge on my minecraft client and moved over the mods and the config so i can still join the server and dont crash but i get lag spikes every 10 seconds is there a way i can fix this Technic Launcher Crash? does this happen to every one? Please Help me resolve this or if this is a bug in the modpack when will it be fixed? Note: I dont get crashes while loading any other modpack 

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