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I have two questions to ask:

1. When I open the favorites menu for morph, I don't know how to switch between the mobs in the favorites menu. I tried pressing the button that popped up the circle twice, pressing shift, and pressing [ while in the menu, but I still don't know!!! (Btw this is about the circular favorites menu from morph mod)

2. When I see Chimneyswift drop the items into the kettle when he's making a potion, he drops one of the ingredients without having to drag the stack out of the GUI and right click. Does anybody know how he does that?

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For the circular menu of the Morph mod, moving your mouse in the direction of the morph also works.


And to directly drop things out of your inventory, you only nee to hover over it and hit Q. If you want to get rid of all of the same item (such as 5 stacks of cobble) hover over one stack, then Shift+Q and it'll drop all 5 stacks from your inventory (but not your hotbar).

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