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Remember me?


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I felt like a post was neccesary, because it's been quite a while and a lot seems to have changed. I used to be on these forums all the time, but, well, I just kind of lost interest in Minecraft. Now, however, it came back to me, so I felt like joining the forums again. I've already noticed some things (these beautiful new forums, Munaus is staff now (gratz!), a new launcher releasing soon, tons of new people...) and I hope I can enjoy my time on these forums like I could before. So, yeah,


I'm back.

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I remember you. Welcome back


Munaus is staff now (gratz!)

and thanks. I'm still a bit shakey... one of the mods greeted me half-heartedly while looking on his soaked rag in his hand and mumbling "I had the chloroform ready and all.... completely wasted on this failed shanghaiing."


To this day I still don't know what they planned to do with the chloroform, and I'd rather not know...

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