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Help making a SMP and SSP modpack


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So basically a group of us want to have a custom modpack and I just need help setting it up. We want to use the following mods


  1. Biomes O'Plenty

  2. Micro Blocks

  3. Carpenters Blocks

  4. Chisel

  5. NEI (Not Enough Items)/NEI Plugin

  6. WAILA (What am I looking at)

  7. Natura

  8. Mr. Crayfish's Furniture Mod

  9. Map Writer

  10. Better Grass and Leaves

  11. Better Signs

  12. Ocean Craft

  13. Growthcraft: Only Grapes and Hops

  14. Infinity Coins

  15. Statues

  16. Aquaculture

I also want to make an SSP version but with Artifice, Tropicraft, Archimedes ships, Flans, Train Craft, Railcraft, Open Blocks, Tinkers Construct, Project Red, Random things, possibly underground biomes, and possibly Mystcraft.


What is the best way to make a modpacks like these?

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