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    • By thunder745
      So, i've been playing Minecraft Attack of the B-Team lately, and I am enjoying it. However, I went into the Tropicraft dimension to look around. I found one of those stilted villages that spawn naturally in the world. Only problem is, no sign of any Koa villagers at all. I tried re-logging in, restarting my computer, reinstalling the mod-pack, etc. But nothing changed. I was thinking it could be that I was in Creative mode, but i'm still not sure it that could fix it. I was playing on peaceful by the way, because the dinosaurs and crap that the archaeology mod adds really takes a toll on my computers performance.
    • By MaRk124
      Hello, Welcome to my second modpack avilable here, on technic launcher
      - Click Here
      If you're interessted to play my older pack follow this link...
      - Click Here
      Modpack based on technology. Don't be sad there is a couple magic mods as Witchery, Reliquary, Tropicraft etc... Also a couple biomes mods as Biomes o' Plenty, ExtrabiomesXL.

      This modpack currently has no official server.

      Some of the mods will be..

      Biomes o' plenty - Forestry - Tinker's Construct - Natura
      All together: 120 mods!
      Also if you're interessted by contacting me add me on skype:
      - marko.balasko2
      Or twitter:
      - @markomafia1
    • By brodierusty
      How does one get the taming staff from tropicraft?
    • By legomaps
      MCAdventureCity's Mega Pack is a Modpack made for my youtube channel. I published It a while ago but am now preparing to update to 1.7.10, with only 1 more version left for 1.6.4, I would like you to play around with it, and tell me what you would like to be added to the pack. And yes, I will be removing OreSpawn and replacing it with something that is more balanced when the 1.7.10 release comes out. I just released version 1.15 today, which added MystCraft and the Twilight Forest.
      Thanks for your time,
      MCAdventureCity (legomaps)
      P.S. We do not currently have Solder.
    • By LancelotBrown
      Hey dudes and dudettes.
      I have a wish to reduce the spawn rate of the Fossil/Archeology mobs that spawn in the Tropicraft realm. Does anyone out there have a functioning workflow for that ?
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