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Right, I see - that's not likely to be possible for some time, remember that the pocket edition isn't even full minecraft - the XBox One and PS4 are barely at the point where they'll be able to run a normal uncut version of minecraft, so you'd need a cellphone that's about as powerful as one of those.


Once phones exceed the power of the Xbox 360 and PS3 then this kind of thing might be possible, but not until then I'm afraid (at present, they're a bit ahead of the PS2 in some ways and behind in others).

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Not dumb, it's not theoretically impossible, it's just not ready yet - once phones catch up it'll be doable, but that'll likely be years.  I'm sure you'll see stuff start to crop up once full minecraft is possible on phones, so keep an eye out for that.


Smartphones don't tend to be limited the same way consoles are - consoles need to be primarily graphically powerful and cheap, so they tend to have a poor CPU and small quantity of RAM in exchange for a fast GPU and fast RAM.  Phones are limited more by what's economical to run in terms of battery life or total power draw (most phones can run directly from USB, some even charge at the same time, which means their actual power usage is less than 2.5W - a very restrictive figure when you consider a budget computer can typically use 300W or more and consoles usually up to 250W though they've got a higher rated PSU in them to improve reliability and longevity).

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