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Okay so I've been playing a pure survival game and I finally reached the point at which I outgrew my starting home.


Whilst moving to my new home (already built), I emptied out the contents of my house and it's chests only to find that at the very least 1/16th of the items I had have now disappeared from existence. I was using the backpacks to transport my house items to my new home and I only stumbled across just how much I had lost or was missing once I noticed how little ingots I had having smelted them. Any help on this would be appreciated, really fuming, a lot of gametime I've spent on this survival.

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Okay so first off I went and built my new house way off in the distance and then travelled back to start transferring all my items to my new build. With 8 various backpacks on my hotbar I with a Tinker Construct Lumber Axe mined my chest knowing full well the items would drop to the floor. They did and I promptly started adding these items into the backpacks to once again free up my inventory. I repeated this over and over again until I filled the 3rd backpack and all my chests had been emptied, at first I questioned why so little of my stuff had been picked back up. I then questioned whether I had underestimated the size of the backpacks, neither of the two provided me with an answer, so in summary, I emptied all my chests and the items included using the Tinker Construct Lumber Axe, periodically added them to the backpacks. Finished that and realised I had lost thousands (in the very literal sense) of items.


In terms of what I had, I cannot even begin to list, I'm currently trying to locate so method of listing what had been dropped at that time but cannot find anything. There is honestly far too much to mention.

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It definitely wasn't a case of too many items on the ground at the same time?  We're not talking DSUs here right - just chests, and you didn't break them all at once?


Sorry if my line of questioning doesn't seem immediately helpful - I'm hoping it will be when I can work out what caused the item loss (that might point me towards a situation I can replicate with a known inventory and then I can look to see if there's any logs or anything to at least indicate what was despawned).  There are still some oddities with the P|R backpacks, but this is far worse than anything I've seen with them before.

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Nope, there weren't too many items on the floor, I break my chests one at a time and make sure to pick up all items before breaking another. No DSU's either, plain basic MC chests. 

By all means question away, any help is appreciated really, yeah I know of a few minor bugs with P|R Backpacks too but never this major before, don't normally use P|R Backpacks myself but in AOTBT I'm pretty limited for choice.

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I haven't used the P|R backpacks much recently - the tinkers one and my inventory have been enough but if I'd moved I'd have done the exact same thing.


I'll ask around too, I know a bunch of people who do use a lot of them (one in particular doesn't have much in the way of storage other than a dozen of the things in every colour) so hopefully someone knows something and I can check the logs if they lost some items at some point.


I'll try some tests to replicate it too, and I'll let you know if I come up with anything.

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Thank you very much, I tried myself to search my log for a list of the items that have been dropped to see if I could create a list of everything lost and then NBT Edit them back into my game but sadly no such luck, couldn't find a list of my items and certainly couldn't remember them all so back to square one.

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If you're using backpacks I know for a fact that they steal items. You can never totally empty them. I usually keep a block of cobble/dirt in any backpack so I can retrieve all of my valuables. 

This isn't exactly the truth. The PR backpacks won't allow you to move an item that takes up the same mirror slot of the spot in your hotbar that the backpack is in.. for example. if your backpack is in hotbar slot 8. whatever is in the backpack on the top row in slot 8 cannot be moved. If you move the backpack now after to slot 7, you can now remove the slot 8 item, but anything in slot 7 would be locked. and so on.

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