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First tekkit server, help? Advise?

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Hello peoples,

I have recently switched over from bukkit to tekkit due to the awesome new mods, that and my buddy had gotten me into agrarian skies. I have run across an issue that I have a hard time solving. I am currently trying to get "ultimate-skyblock" plugin to work properly on my server and spawn islands using a schematic. However it seems that world edit doesnt agree with the mod pack (my guess it doesnt read the new item id's). Does anyone have a solution to this? Is there alternative plugins that I can use? Do you recommend any plugins for a tekkit newbie?

Thank you all in advanced!

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Thats the plugin, annnd i dont think i am using any support, the basics work such as creating the default island butt anything to do with schematics it goes nuts. I am using the default mods that comes with the agrarian skies pack.


I have tried placing this in my plugins folder, no difference.

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Hehe, don't assume that people know what you are talking about with names of things like "Agrarian Skies". Providing links to contextual information is quite helpful. :) (Yes, I could research and try some things, but help me out here).

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Ohh, no. Technic is its own completely separate entity and has no connection to FTB in any way. If you are planning on making something that launches out of the FTB platform you will need to work through that with the FTB folks in their forums.


Once you get a working client pack through the FTB platform (which I am quite unfamiliar with) I would be happy to assist you in setting up a server for that since the server stuff isn't tied to any specific platform. You will need your "mods" and "config" folder as well as any mod specific folders (like Chocolate or Flan if you use them).

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Yes, I get that you are using a commercially hosted provider. I'm talking about the client. Are you using a FTP launcher of some sort to start the client you would use to connect to this server?


Generally speaking (since all hosts are different in some way) you would want to set the server up as a "MCPC+ 1.6.4 Build 251" server (however you have to do that with their interface). Once that is done you would just have to FTP up the "mods", "config", and any mod specific folders and contents up to the server. (This assumes you have a "working" client pack for which you have removed the client-only mods)

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