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Questions about Tekkit, Plugins, and Creating a Server.

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So I am trying to put together a server on my computer before I purchase a host for it and I am having issues setting it up properly. I have finally figured out how to get Tekkit and MCPC+ working, but beyond that I havent done anything. All I have is the Base Tekkit and MCPC+ Infrastructure.

My questions have to deal with how plugins work in general, but I will ask about specifics and just use those situations as examples and base everything else off of those.

1: Are plugins dependent on the server build like mods are? IE: Tekkit is currently in 1.6.4, are there plugins that are more recent than that that I can not install or are they reverse compatible?
1.1: Are there plugins that are too old to be used in the modern versions of Minecraft? (If there aren't, is it really worth using old plugins anyways?) 


2: How exactly do I go about installing them? Do I just Unzip the file and drop it in the plugins folder in the server?


3: Is there an easy way of setting permissions for groups of people?
3.1: Do I need to be in game to set groups, can I use the Server command prompt window, Or can I use a Text File to write out the permissions I want and load it in?

4: Will I have to change anything with my server folder when I upload it to the Hosting site?


5: Am I able to upload my current single player world with the server file? Not just the seed, but everything I already have done in it.

6: How can I get regular backups of the world when it is hosted, or is that unique to each hosting site that I need to discuss with them?


Thank you for taking the time to read and help me out with this. I've only tried running a server once before and it ended up crashing into the biggest snowball of errors on errors causing more errors that I have ever seen. (I blame Dimensional Doors and my friends that decided to spend 3 straight days going through the dungeons and creating thousands of dimensions for the server to track.)

7: Actually, from the text above, is there a way to stop the Dimensional Doors mod from spawning and keeping thousands of different dimensions? I like the concept but it just seems to grow the world file so fast and so much and I cant clean it up.

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I am afraid I am not much of help, but...here we go:


1) Yes, they are. Check the website of the plug in you want to use to find out which one you need (1.6.4 for Tekkit Main at the moment). There are some plug ins that may be backward compatible, most are likely not. You have to check every plugin individually for that.

1.1) Yes, certainly. Some plugins are simply abandoned and are not further developed. Some of them might work perfectly fine with minecraft 1.5, but not anymore with 1.6, etc. That is easy to find out on the official page of the plugin in question


2) Depends on how you go about it. If you use MCPC+ with your server, there should be a "plugins"-folder on which the plugins can be stored. Mostly a copy in that folder is sufficent to start it (however, config is needed as well at some point).


3) No, there is likely no "easy" way. However, the plugin "permission" might help with permissions (sorry, there might be other out there, but I only know permissions).

3.1) Very likely not as the basic and most important config is done by config file which then is stored at the server (in the plugins-folder or something nearby the plugin). However, some things can be done in game as well, because the plug in offers that...


4) Well, of course. You have to make sure you upload all necessary files (server files, plugins, config files, etc.), Other than that...not really I guess,


5) That is tough one. MAYBE...you have to test it (which is easy to test as you backup your world anyway, right? ;)). It can work (depending on what you did and what you change in the server), but it as well not work.


6) That is likely unique to the hosting site. Contact them about it, they surely can tell if they do it in their services (and how) or if you might need a plug in for that (and then make sure you copy those backups away for...backing the files up)


7) The only way I know and use is...disable it completly by deleting the mod and config file :)

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3. I recommend the Bukkit plugin PermissionsEx (with ModifyWorld). It is feature rich and quite stable.


7. If you set "Enable Rift World Generation" to false then rifts will not spawn during worldgen. You could then adjust which doors are available in the DimDoors config or limit access in-game (using perms) to doors so that only players you assign would have access to pocket dims.

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