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NEI not working for my 1.5.2 custom modpack! :(

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I have recently started my own modpack and currently I'm adding the mods. As I get to NEI on my list, I try every way I can to get it working, but I lack hope. The pack is for Minecraft version 1.5.2, in case that may change things... Someone please help. :[

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      Our main focus at Bash PvP is provide a fair Minecraft Voltz experience for anyone to enjoy. Great if you are just unwinding from a stressful day at school/work, trying to relax and pass pass time, or you just want to hang out with a mature community.
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    • By story_
      Okay so when I open my nei menu, everything looks fine. I can see all of the items and even spawn things in. Here's the issue. On certain items (Powersuit capacitors, Forcefield emitter, etc.) I can't press R and get the recipe for it. It just makes the clicking noise. It's happened three times before and I just reinstalled it and it worked fine. But it's been in the span of two days and I don't want to keep reinstalling. Is there a way to fix it?
    • By honeysuckle00
      Before you comment: the key "O" does not toggle Not Enough Items for me. Sometimes when I join my Singleplayer world, Not Enough Items is untoggled and I have no way of toggling it back on. I have uninstalled Attack of the B-Team then reinstalled and it is still unable to toggle. I have also rebinded the Advanced Genetics "throw fireball" key off of "O". Is there a way to fix this/configure the Not Enough Items' keys?