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i have found a bug or glitch in the game if you use the sawmill and saw up some logs you get 6 wooden planks. What does that have to do with diamonds EVERYTHING then you get a philosopher's stone and turn it back to logs you will get aboot 1and 1/2 which then you turn back to wood with the sawmill and repeat a bunch of times or until you have 256 logs then turn them in 128 obsidian then turn that in to 32 iron then turn that into 4 gold then that in to 1 diamond all using the philosopher's stone yes this take a lott of time and power but you can turn 1 log in to 1 diamond with time and patients but you can make a auto crafter to turn the wood into logs so you dont have to do that manually :)  

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Neither a bug nor a glitch. This is what some might call unintended mod interactions, others would call an exploit, and yet another group would refer to as "heh free stuff heh".


In that as far as I'm aware, Thermal Expansion isn't designed with people being able to convert four planks back into a log in mind, and Equivalent Exchange 3 isn't designed with people being able to convert a log into six planks in mind.

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Don't forget that EE3 is basically alchemy. There are several ways to improve your resource situation dramatically if you combine technology with alchemy.

That is one of the things about Tekkit: It gives you options, not limits. If you think that this is "cheating" or a "gamebreaking bug", then you probably didn't understand the point in a big, inclusive modpack.

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I know you're very excited that you found a closed loop involving multiple mods to get yourself some nice stuff. Rightfully so. Good job. What you are proposing or something very similar to it has been figured out and shared on this and many other forums many dozens of times. Good on you, but don't be surprised if your discovery isn't hailed as a pinnacle moment in Tekkit history.

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That just sounds like way too much effort. Why not just build a reactor and power a laser drill? If the reactor is big enough toi power 4 Prechargers, your drill will more than likely give you dozens of diamonds per day. Or, you can get into the Mystcraft mod and try to find the Diamond Ore pageto build a custom Age filled with 'em.

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Pardon me if I'm missing someting vital here, but wouldn't the durability of the stone wear out long before you get the 8 diamonds required to make it in the first place?

Also, I take it you are refering to the Minium Stone, or is there a way to craft the Philosopher's Stone ingame now?

(Latest version maybe? I've only played recomended.)

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