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Looking for some information on the Minefactory Reloaded Chunk Loader. I can't find any on the internet, apparently my google-fu is letting me down. Is there any issues with the block? Does it require power? can it be upgraded like some other minefactory stuff to load more than one chunk? Any other general information would be great, or a link to a wiki page which has that info.

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its power requirements seem to grow with the amount of power stored... there is a max radius of 2 chunks which, i believe based on my knowledge of chunk loaders, will make the occupied chunk a fully loaded chunk.


there are better ways of loading chunks. if you have access to chicken chunks chunk loader i recommend using that, its cheaper and doesn't require any power. another alternative is to use a vanilla loader which you only need to point a hopper into the adjacent chunk, lots of youtube vids on this. Finally there is the witchery mod's poppit shelves that act as chunk loaders.

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AotB has the chunk loader in it....

Yeah, well.. you're a chunk!  Ha!  Comeback!  :P


Seriously though mutejazz was talking about the chickenchunks chunk loader which is cheap and loads a wide area, but we also don't have.  The poppet shelf is probably the 'best' way (unless you can easily afford the power for the MFR chunkloader which may well be possible - if power isn't a concern it's actually pretty good).

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The problem with vanilla chunkloaders is they don't persist between server restarts, they just keep a loaded chunk from unloading so you either need to;

  1. Visit the chunk once every reboot (it'll remain loaded after anyone visits it)
  2. Make a chain of hoppers from the spawnchunks (which are always loaded when the server starts)
  3. Make a chain of hoppers from a poppet shelf or MFR chunkloader (which are loaded when the server starts)

As long as you take that into account or it doesn't matter if it's not loaded after restarts then yeah, it's cheaper that way, but I see it as a way of extending another system rather than a standalone solution.


Edit: Before I forget, the vanilla/hopper chunkloading doesn't process entities by default either (probably doesn't matter unless you're using some kind of farm), so you have to work around that too.  I think there's a way to make it do it, but I can't remember what it was.

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I've had an issue with poppet shelves not reloading chunks after a restart even though it does keep the chunk loaded once visited. This is another dimension however and not in the overworld (its in a space station specifically) Another thing about the vanila chunk loader like the hopper is that it doesnt process entities (which i see in your post above now after typing this and reading it lol, but this was known to me) and causes less of a strain on a server which can be much better for it if you want to minimize impact.

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That's true, it really depends what you want it for (if you don't need the entity processing then it's a better choice server-strain wise).


I thought the dimension thing with poppet shelves was fixed (in the witchery that's in 1.0.10)?  Is it still not auto-loading other dimensions?

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from what I've read the vanilla chunk loader using hoppers does load entities in any chunk that is surrounded by at least 2 more that don't load entities. for instance.  


xxxxx               xxxxxxx

xxxxx               xxxxxxx

xxoxx      or     xxoooxx

xxxxx               xxoooxx

xxxxx               xxoooxx




where o would be the loaded chunk. Has this changed at some stage? 


At the moment I'm using a poppet shelf to start the load and hoppers to keep it going. 

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Being a very amature server admin for a B-Team server. What kind of load are we talking about? The smaller hopper chunk loader, like the 7x7 above uses less chunks then a single player in the game does. I figured the resources used to load the chunks would be about the same as that required if a player was about and had those chunks loaded.

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Sure that's true - but if you've got 100 regulars and say 5-30 on at any given time, that kind of chunkloader increases the load to be equivalent of 50+ players all the time if everybody has one (worse if they're exploring, as one person can have an area loaded and load an area around themselves).  A poppet shelf each would increase the server load by the equivalent of something like 4 extra players (more is obviously worse, but the less chunks loaded in general the better).


Do you see the issue there now?  It only matters much if there's a lot of people with a lot of always on chunks - a few here and there or if most players don't bother means it's not such a big deal.  It does also means that if a player leaves your server they keep eating up resources anyway (even if they never come back they're using resources other players can't), which isn't great.


The MFR chunkloader uses a lot of power, so it limits its use by being so expensive to run most players won't bother loading too many chunks.  The poppet shelf uses inconvenient components, so again many players won't bother and just get other people giving/trading for them (after which they'll lay out that chunk carefully rather than load too many).  The hoppers are dirt cheap and available to everyone who knew about them in vanilla, but again not much of an issue unless people are loading a lot.  A 'entity-less' chunk uses less processing power than a 'normal' loaded chunk, but if we're generous and say it's half a 'normal' chunk's usage then we're still talking about 25 times a poppet shelf's resources to load that centre chunk (assuming the entities in the centre chunk are minimal - entities can soak up a bunch of their own resources and even compete with the chunks if you have enough of them).

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Looking for some information on the Minefactory Reloaded Chunk Loader. I can't find any on the internet, apparently my google-fu is letting me down. Is there any issues with the block? Does it require power? can it be upgraded like some other minefactory stuff to load more than one chunk? Any other general information would be great, or a link to a wiki page which has that info.

I'm trying to find the crafting for it but I can't anywhere because I need like 10 in my base to run my auto spawners all day and night chould some one help me?

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