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When did you join Minecraft?

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I think it was in late 2010 or early 2011 (Can't recall the version). I was in medical school and would come home from spending 12-14 hours in anatomy lab and sit down to play for a few hours while watching youtube in the background.

I can remember, being such a noob, my first Redstone contraption was trying to get double doors to open simultaneously with a button. Still can't manage to get it right, lol.

It's pretty amazing how far things have come in Mincraft. Wish I had more time to invest in it.

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Sometime before May 2011 (That was my first multiplayer server - no monsters, damage and items could be dropped onto the ground to make them forget their durability - you could repair a pick by dropping and picking it up again).


I didn't save my first world as it was super embarassing - it was a snow world (so it was after snow was added, though there weren't biomes - the whole world was snow or not), without anyone to explain things to me and no wiki I had nearly everything built out of dirt.  Discovering the crafting bench and shovels were amazing, I discovered picks too, but not a furnace or chests so the base stayed pretty limited.  Steps down to the mine were made out of stone slabs (which used cobblestone back then) as there weren't stairs and I'm not sure I'd have found them if there were.


Discovering doors blew my mind.


After that, there was a wiki and things were easy :D

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I love how the longer the thread goes on the further back in time people started ;)


Are people trying to one-up one another, or are people just less willing to put up a more recent date?  You should all be aware that if you put a date before I started on here then I'll be using this thread to find you if I need tech support! :D



In all seriousness congrats on picking a winner during infdev, Saw - I hated minecraft back in those versions and thought it'd never be something anyone was interested in (oops.).

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