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    • By LyricMonster13
      Brought to you be OGgaming's team, a crew of people who have been playing modded minecraft for years. Cartel Wars puts you in a hazardous world, full of Cartels bent on controlling the world. With an official server set to launch September 5th, you can make money by growing various narcotics and selling them via the black market, but be careful. It's located on the outskirts of the dangerous pvp city. Can you dominate the Cartels? https://discord.gg/g9amFM4
    • By TheSIPsycho
      Hello Technic-Community
      I got a very strange problem with my modpack.
      I created a modpack with some mods inside, for example IC2, Buildcraft, Wasteland and Project Red with the MrTJPCore.
      The Problem is, everytime, I startup the modpack, the MrTJPCore gets deleted and I don't know why. I spectated it, during the startup of my modpack, and all of a sudden, the core wasn't there anymore.
      Anybody can help me? I would very appreciate it.
    • By FzGaming
      The SurvivorsEdge Server
      Running: EdgePack
      Uptime: 99% 24/7
      *Extra Details Below*

      Platform Url: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/survivorsedge-beta-164
      Technic Link: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/survivorsedge-beta-164.474987
      Website: http://survivorsedge.org/
      PvP-PvE-GUNS-HATS-REALISTIC-Modded HG[soon]-Friendly Staff
      Welcome to the EdgePack. In this custom Modpack created by the Survivorsedge Team everyone is challenged at start to survive from the ruthless reality that EdgePack Offers. EdgePack was built on the Foundation of wanting a harder Survival aspect while also adding that technology feel and modern feel. The EdgePack offers what no other server can offer. Adventure, Tech, And Survival all in one. Let's see if you have what it takes to survive the night...If you think you have what it takes........
      How To Install
      We have personally created a 10 step tutorial installation for you to get the maximum beneficial experience while installing and playing this Custom Modpack which you may find here.
      General Rules
      1. No 1x1 Towers/Holes
      2. No Exploiting of Mods (Please Report So We May Fix)
      3. No Griefing Claimed Land
      4. Respect Everyone
      5. No Advertising
      6. No Installing Extra Mods Without Approval
      7. No Spamming
      8. Keep Language To A Low
      9. The Use Of Common Sense IS Highly Recommended
      10. Be The Top Player
      Towny is a plugin that allows for users to create and manage a town. Users can enable Taxes that their residents will have to pay so the town can maintain the daily server tax fee. It is also an anti grief protection tool that allows safety for those who want to enjoy survival but also want to be safe from griefers and PvP.
      ChestShop allows for users too create and sell any item from vanilla/mods on the server at any price they deem alright. It allows for a way to gain money too keep their town up.
      McMMO is an RPG type plugin allowing users to level up skills such as excavation, mining, or even Swords. The mining skill can provide double drop of ores and the excavation, fishing give you random drops and treasure!!
      --+[Modded HG]+--
      Hunger Games With Guns! Who wouldn't want to play? We are working on custom maps at the moment where before the release of the Modded HG!
      Mods List
      The mods list can be found on the servers Technic Site which is located here.
      Banned Items
      The list of our Banned Items Can Be Found On Our Website Here!
      Come and Enjoy the Custom Modpack that the SurvivorsEdge Team has Tested and Created For You!!!
    • By macks2008
      I'm trying to put Project Red in a private modpack but regardless of whether or not I have CodedChickenCore (CodedChickenLib-x.x.x-x.x.x.xxx.jar), I still get [09:25:51] [Client thread/ERROR]: The mod ProjRed|Core (ProjectRed) requires mods [ForgeMultipart, CodeChickenCore] to be available in the log file. Here's the full log, by the way: Log file hosted on pastebin What am I doing wrong? How can I fix it? I mean, besides using a different logic mod such as RedLogic, obviously.
    • By Mangles
      I've heard rumour of project red pipes crashing multiplayer servers. Not wanting to go through that heart ache I have strayed anyone on the server from using them for now. Is there any truth to the rumours that the project red stuff crashes the servers?
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