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Australian Attack of the Bteam sever

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Hello, if any of you lovely people are looking for an attack of the Bteam sever that is Hosted in Australia cause I know how hard it is to find one please feel free to fill out the following and I will send you The Ip :D 


Skype (if owned):
Age ( Do not have to say its just helpful )

Also why do you want to play on this server:
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Name: James S


IGN: HappyHippos360


Skype: Non Currently.  *Will be made in future if needed*


Email: [email protected] *Was made a few years back :P*


Age: 16


Why i would like to play this server: I would like to play on this server mainly to make new friends and enjoy the modpack on an Australian server. *As there are no good ones out currently*

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Name: Josh
IGN: ninja99607
Skype (if owned): ninja_99607
Email: Why do I have to tell you.. If you REALLY need it then I will probs send in PM but this is a bit dodgy
Age ( Do not have to say its just helpful ) 13

Also why do you want to play on this server: Ever since I saw ChimneySwift do his series on the "Youtuber" Private server. I wanted to join a community that is fun and nice with pranking to play on. (if that makes sense) Anyways I am easy to make friends with ANYONE, and yes ANYONE. I have plenty of internet friends.  So please add me! xD

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Name: Harrison R O Curtayne
IGN: Zail Tam
Skype (if owned): n/a
Age: 26
Also why do you want to play on this server: My friends and I have recently started playing Minecraft again and even started our own server, however, nine times out of ten when i try to join our server it is unable to join it. I don't know if this is a problem on our end (my friend that own's the server has been making tweaks to AOBT mod files) or if the host site for the server is just really bad. I'm a very dedicated builder IG and enjoy the possibility's add with this mod pack. All in all I just really want the ability to be able to just jump online and know I'll be able to play with people and help them if i can. 
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Name: James B

Skype (if owned):
Age: 15
Also why do you want to play on this server: I want to play on here because there is no good Australian Attack of the Bteam servers so i can't play with my friends. Also my friends happyhippos360 and bonkapod play on here
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