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New Crafting Dead Server (Help Wanted)

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I am currently constructing a new Crafting Dead Server but i need some or mayor help.


What im looking for:


One of the following Options

1) A completed map suitable for crafting dead server.

2) A near completed map suitable for crafting dead server.

3) A map maker looking for a server to build there map on. Or Finish there map on. (You can hire your own team freely)

4) A team to build me a map. (You will be permanently Benefited on this server)

5) Fill in the form below to be able to build an island or buildings or citys or airfields ect 


Name: (Your Exact IGN)

Age: (Your age)

Maturity: (Your honest level of Maturity (This wont effect your app))

How long you have been playing Minecraft: (Days - Months - Years)

Your EXP in Minecraft: (Surviving or building stuff ect anything)

Links to projects you have been in: (If Any)

Images of any and all creations you have built: (Post on Tinyurl or any other image hosting site)

Why I should allow you to build the map with others:

Why i should trust your not going to grief all the work:

Server EXP:



1) A Custom Built Large Island Suitable For Villages, Citys, Random Houses, Airfield and Other MISC Stuff

2) Multiple Small and Large Citys

3) Airfield

4) Houses

5) Villages

6) Any suggested Stuff

And A Spawn!


Add any other pre questions you wish to pre answer not listed here!

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